Free Fire characters are not created equal - some are vastly more powerful than others. Chrono, one of the newest characters released, can become literally immune to damage... while older characters like Kelly can run around like 0.1 seconds faster... at best.

In this article, we would answer the question of "Who is the worst character in Free Fire".

10 - Shani

Shani's ability to restore armor durability after every kill might sound good, but it is actually much weaker than you would believe. The small number is the problem here - with +20 durability after each kill, you would have a better chance just picking up some other armor from the one you killed when yours almost run out. At least this skill is not entirely useless - if you make kills with full durability points, your armor would be upgraded to the next level.


9 - Alvaro

Grenades are limited in Free Fire and you have only a few chances of using them in a match. Because of this, Alvaro's ability to boost damage and blast radius of explosives are somewhat redundant. The bonuses are fairly small as well - even when maxed, it only makes a marginal difference.


8 - Kla

No one brings fists to a gunfight, except for maybe this guy. This skill is utterly useless in any kind of battle - and 90% of the time you would be gunned down before you are able to do anything. However, the damage bonus is not half bad and could sometimes help you in the other 10%. However, at least this skill gives a lot of damage, unlike the majority of skills on this top 10.

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7 - Nikita

Nikita's ability to boost the reloading speed of SMGs is another useless ability - the SMG class already has a fast reload speed that any boost would not change it much. The numbers of her ability are also super low - 24% at max level. This can only save you like 0.4 seconds at best... and definitely not worth a skill slot. This skill would still be pretty weak if the number was like 75 or 100%.

Image 3 Free Fire Nikita Character

6 - Paloma

Paloma's Arms Dealing would make your AR ammo weightless and not take any extra space. Overall, the skill is fairly weak, as extra inventory space isn't as useful as people believe... and if you can manage your inventory, Paloma's ability is completely unneeded. Furthermore, if you don't use an AR for any reason, the skill would pretty much be useless - they should have made it into something that automatically boosts your carry capacity.

Image 2 Paloma Character In Free Fire 1bce

5 - Andrew

Andrew's ability to decrease vest durability loss is just underwhelming - it is much worse than Shani's. The main problem with it is probably the low numbers - at 12%, you might as well pick up a new vest whenever the old one runs out. It is also completely useless at the beginning of the game when you don't have a vest equipped.

Image 4 Andrew Character In Free Fire

4 - Olivia

In a solo match, Olivia's ability literally does nothing... as you have no teammates to revive. While her ability can be somewhat useful in team games, Kapella's Healing Song does the same thing, with a couple more extra bonuses. Avoid picking this character.

Olivia Freefire

3 - Caroline

Caroline's skill is too niche and gives too little bonus to be actually useful. The 8% bonus speed when holding a shotgun is way too small - if it was something like 20 percent, this skill might actually be usable. Furthermore, the shotgun class is one of the least popular weapons in the game... which limits the usage of this skill even further. It might be useful if the bonus was like 20 or 25% - the popularity of shotguns might even be boosted.

Caroline Keyart

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2 - Maxim

The effect of Maxim's Gluttony is so small it is literally not noticeable at all. In the best-case scenario, Maxim's Gluttony skill would provide you with half a second faster usage of medkit, which is... super underwhelming compared to something like A124's ability. The skill could definitely be a strong choice if the bonus was like 40 or 50%... and even in that case, it would not be overpowered.


1 - Ford

Ford's skill would reduce the damage you take outside of the safe zone. This is useless most of the time, as you would usually have to boost your own HP constantly anyway - the bonus is not high enough to actually matter. And staying outside the safe zone is both risky and wasteful - whichever gear you could find would be exchanged for your healing items. Overall, Ford is the worst character in Free Fire and should be avoided.

Ford Free Fire Characters

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