Free Fire is releasing more and more powerful characters into the game... with the latest ones blowing all older characters out of the water. Dasha and Chrono bring to the table some of the unprecedented bonuses that no other characters in the game have - recoil reduction and shield.

In this article, we would compare the two newest characters in Free Fire, Dasha and Chrono, to see which one is the stronger in Clash Squad.

1 - Chrono's skill "Time Turner"

Chrono's skill "Time Turner" would create a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies, with a 9 seconds duration. This is more than enough time for you to either shoot back or pop a medkit to heal yourself without having to worry about enemy fire.

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Just make sure that you are not focused on by too many people - the shield can be overwhelmed by 2 or 3 players and a grenade can still damage you if it was thrown inside the shield. You can help teammates by throwing down the shield or even heal yourself with a medkit - that's how good the shield is.

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2 - Dasha's skill "Partying On"

Dasha is the second newest character in Free Fire after Chrono. Her ability "Partying On" is pretty unique - it provides 4 of the rarest buffs in Free Fire: fall damage reduction & fall recovery... along with weapon recoil reduction and recoil buildup. These bonuses can easily be divided into 2 skills - but looks like Garena decided against it.

Dasha Free Fire

The recoil reduction is really useful on some of the most popular weapons in the game... like sniper rifles or AK. With Dasha's ability equipped, the stability of your weapon would be improved greatly.

3 - Which to pick in Clash Squad: Chrono or Dasha?

Overall, Dasha's ability is geared toward attacking while Chrono's Time Turner is more of a defensive type.

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With Partying On being a passive ability - you won't have to calculate or make decisions about when to activate the ability as it is always on constantly. Chrono's skill, on the other hand, has to be activated and placed on a spot on the battlefield, which requires a lot more calculation. If you activated it once, you would probably not be able to activate it again in the same round.

If you are confident in your ability to end the game with just one cast of shield, pick Chrono. Otherwise, Dasha is the better choice.

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