Clash Squad Ranked is one of the more popular arcade game modes in Free Fire outside of the usual battle royale. It brings the gameplay of the "capture the flag" map from a traditional shooter into the game. With the modes being different, the skill choices in this mode would also be different... and Captain Booyah 'K' is still pretty strong here.

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In this article, we would list out a few reasons that you should pick K in this mode.

1 - About K's Ability

K's ability "Master of All" is a new type of passive skill that can be toggled between the two bonuses. This is probably true to his name "Master of All".


Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 3 seconds - up to 100 EP per match. Only this part of the ability can be leveled up - at the maximum level, it would recover 2 EP every 2 seconds to a maximum of 150.

Jiujitsu Mode: All allies (including K) in a 6-meter radius get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate (they will not gain any EP - the skill boost the rate at which EP gets converted to HP by five times).

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2 - Why should you pick K in Clash Squad?

Constant healing passive

In this mode, you can just purchase two mushrooms right away to fill up your EP bar to 200. Afterward, toggle Jiujitsu mode on to get HP regen every time you are damaged. This is actually much better than Alok's heal, as you would not waste any of the regens at all - Alok's skill can be wasted if you have too much HP.

Skill Combo with other characters

K's jiujitsu mode is great when used in combination with Alok's Drop the beat. You along with all allies in the radius would heal for 10 HP per second, which is a considerable advantage in combat. The EP needed by this skill can also be provided by Miguel's ability as well.

Dj Alok Kshmr

Support the team

Jiujitsu mode is an aura - you only need one person to have the character to give everyone in the area a bonus.

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