Free Fire has been getting much more popular than PUBG Mobile in the country after its removal from the Indian market. There are a lot of good things that can be said about Free Fire like its low system requirements, fast-paced gameplay, colorful graphics... but the element that fans like most is probably the skill system.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best offensive abilities in Free Fire.

1 - Hayato

Hayato's Bushido ability is a pretty roundabout way of providing damage boost. At the maximum level, for each 10% HP lost, Hayato would gain 10% armor penetration for his attacks. This means at 10% HP (20 points) or lower, Hayato would be able to ignore 90% of enemies' vest and helmet reduction.

Hayato Character In Free Fire

This is huge in the late game - especially when you combined this with something that already has armor penetration like the M82B sniper rifle.

2 - Dasha

Dasha's ability "Partying On" is pretty unique - it provides 4 of the rarest buffs in Free Fire: fall damage reduction & fall recovery... along with weapon recoil reduction and recoil buildup. These bonuses can easily be divided into 2 skills - but looks like Garena decided against it. Dasha's recoil reduction would definitely be noticeable when you use weapons with much higher recoil than the norm... such as an AK, for example.

Free Fire Dasha

The fall damage reduction lets Dasha leap from literally any high place and survive - this opens up a lot of strategic options, as you can move from high ground to perform objectives without losing too much time and HP. This ability is overall not nearly as useful as the recoil reduction, but still a decent bonus to have.

3 - Shirou

Shirou's ability is a passive skill named "Damage Delivered". This is somewhat related to his background of being a Delivery Boy. Generally, the skill would tag an enemy who hit Shirou, revealing their location and the first hit scored against them would ignore all armor.

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With this skill, Shirou can deal with snipers and ambushers more effectively... and with a high damage weapon like an SKS or SVD, the player can even one-shot people with that 100% armor penetration. The vision from this skill does not get shared with your teammates - only you would be able to see the marked enemy.

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4 - Rafael

A Sniper Rifle/AR are the ideal weapons for setting up an ambush – and no character can snipe from afar as effective as Rafael. With his “Dead Silent” skill, Rafael can backstab/shoot people freely without having to worry about his cover getting blown. This works the best in team games – you can down one team member then duck back into cover, leaving the enemy squad disorganized.


5 - Chrono

Chrono's skill "Time Turner" would create a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies, with a 9 seconds duration. This is more than enough time for you to either shoot back or pop a medkit to heal yourself without having to worry about enemy fire.

Maxresdefault 3

Just make sure that you are not focused on by too many people - the shield can be overwhelmed by 2 or 3 players and a grenade can still damage you if it was thrown inside the shield. You can help teammates by throwing down the shield or even heal yourself with a medkit - that's how good the shield is.

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