Free Fire is releasing more and more powerful characters into the game... with the latest ones blowing all older characters out of the water. Dasha and Chrono bring to the table some of the unprecedented bonuses that no other characters in the game have - recoil reduction and shield.

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In this article, we would compare the newest character in the game "Shirou" and the most popular character in Free Fire, "Alok", to see which one is the stronger in Clash Squad.

1 - About Shirou

Shirou's ability is a passive skill named "Damage Delivered". This is somewhat related to his background of being a Delivery Boy. Generally, the skill would tag an enemy who hit Shirou, revealing their location and the first hit scored against them would ignore all armor.

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With this skill, Shiro can deal with snipers and ambushers more effectively... and with a high damage weapon like an SKS or SVD, the player can even one-shot people with that 100% armor penetration. With the bonus provided by this skill, even the highest level armors and helmets are useless. The vision from this skill does not get shared with your teammates - only you would be able to see the marked enemy.

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2 - About Alok

Alok is usually considered amongst the strongest characters released in Free Fire because of his "Drop the beat" skill's multiple powers. Normally, a character's skill can only boost one stat (like Kelly for example) but Alok's skill can pretty much do everything - from speed boost to heal... and it also affects all teammates in the area as well. There is a reason why pretty much everyone is asking for Alok Free Giveaway.

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3 - Which to pick in Clash Squad: Shirou or Alok?

Overall, Alok and Shirou are both super strong in Clash Squad. While Alok's Drop the Beat has a stronger bonus (allow you to move around faster and heal a bit of HP), it has a much longer cooldown and can't be used constantly in the fight, unlike Shirou's Damage Delivered.

On the other hand, Drop the Beat can be activated in advance instead of having to get shot first, which is a big advantage in itself.

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