Free Fire, similar to most battle royale on the market, is very focused on middle to long-range combat. Because of this, Assault Rifles are generally considered the strongest weapon class in the game. It is best for new players to use an AR... and in this article, we would list out the top 5 best AR for new players.

5 - SCAR

SCAR is the most beginner-friendly. All stats of this gun is pretty balanced, with medium damage, low recoil, and decent range – even someone who hasn’t played any FPS before would be pretty comfortable with this gun. SCAR is pretty easy to mod due to its five attachment slots – the weapon would be even better in the late game after you have gathered enough modifications.

using assault rifle free fire


FAMAS can deal the same damage as a SCAR, but the higher range and fire rate give it a decent edge over the number 5 of this list. FAMAS can’t be automatically fired, however – you would have to use its burst mode that churns out only 3 bullets at a time. Because of this, you would have to be super accurate with your aim in close combat, as any gun with auto mode could out damage the FAMAS easily. This might not be a big problem, as battle royale matches are often fought at a longer range.

Famas 4


The Groza is still the best weapon in the game - it has all the power of an AK without any drawbacks like high recoil. If you managed to get your hand on this weapon, you would be able to dominate the battlefield easily. The drawback of the gun is that it can only be acquired randomly from airdrops, which is not something players want to bet on.

Groza Free Fire 1

2 - M4A1

The M4A1 has the longest effective range amongst all Assault Rifle class in Free Fire – it is probably the best sniping AR in longer-range fights. The gun has a fairly low rate of fire, however, so you would have to be pretty experienced to use it effectively. The M4 is most commonly found in ranked matches, in which range is the best factor.

free fire best assault rifle

1 - XM8

The XM8 is the better version of the SCAR, with high stats on everything - from damage to fire rate and range, and even the movement speed when holding the XM8 is much higher. However, you would have to stick with the X2 scope that the gun is spawned with. There is a reason behind the fact that the XM8 is the most commonly used AR in the game.

assault rifle meaning in free fire

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