Free Fire's Character system is probably one of the most liked aspects of the game, providing the players with a way to customize their Free Fire characters with useful skills. In the Ob23 update, Garena released Luqueta, who is based on a Brazillian football player... and his ability is one of the strongest in the late game.

Character Luqueta

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Luqueta character in Free Fire.

Luqueta's skill

Luqueta's special ability is called Hat Trick, which would increase Luqueta's maximum HP permanently, which is something never seen before in Free Fire. Increasing Maximum HP is much more powerful than mere heal, especially when it is permanent. With a maximum HP pool of 235, Lucas would have a great edge in any 1vs1 fight. Furthermore, he would be much harder to snipe, as a lot of sniper rifles were designed to deal about 200 damage on a headshot – Lucas would be left with a few HP, enough to escape.

Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability

  • Level 1: Every kill increase the max HP by 8, up to 35
  • Level 2: Every kill increase the max HP by 10, up to 35
  • Level 3: Every kill increase the max HP by 12, up to 35
  • Level 4: Every kill increase the max HP by 14, up to 35
  • Level 5: Summon airdrop playcard
  • Level 6: Every kill increase the max HP by 16, up to 35
  • Level 7: Luqueta's Banner
  • Level 8: Every kill increase the max HP by 18, up to 35

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Tips and Tricks on using Luqueta

Overall, Luqueta's skill is top tier and should be combined with other strong abilities like Alok, Chrono or A124. Kapella might be a good idea as well, as the bonus heal works well with Luqueta's Hat Trick. EP restoring skills can also be a good idea - Miguel and Captain Booyah's skills would work very well on Luqueta.



The skill provides no bonus whatsoever if you haven't gotten any kills. Enemies who picked other skills would have an advantage over Luqueta at the start of the match... you would need to get the two kills required as soon as possible (at lower skill levels it would require more).

With a maximum HP pool of 235, Luqueta would have an edge in most 1 vs 1 fights especially when both sides see each other at the same time. Furthermore, his 235 HP pool would make the guy much harder to snipe, as even a sniper rifle's headshot might not be able to instantly kill him anymore.

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