Garena has been releasing stronger and stronger characters into the game recently, with each patch bringing a brand new character into the game, often with broken abilities. Skyler, the upcoming character in a Vietnamese collab, has the potential to overcome Alok (the number one healer in Free Fire to date) in healing.

3 Motivos Pelos Quais O Personagem Skyler E Tao Bo


In this article, we would go through the skills of Skyler and Alok to find out which is the stronger character.

1 - Alok's Drop the Beat

Overall, Alok's ability is pretty broken - it lasts for 10 seconds, heals a whopping 50 HP in total, provides 15% movement speed... and is a 5m AOE skill! Drop the beat would still be the best skill in the game if it only affects Alok.

Alok Free Fire

Furthermore, the cooldown of that ability is relatively low, at 45 seconds. This skill is a perfect tool to escape and recover when you get shot by your enemies.

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2 - About Skyler's Riptide Rhythm

Skyler is the first character based on a Vietnamese Celebrity - with the country being where the dev team of Free Fire is from, the fact that a character like this is released is somewhat expected. Apparently, Skyler's ability "Riptide Rhythm" is going to be somewhat similar to K's - with an active component and a passive component.

Free Fire Skyler Collab

At the final level, Riptide Rhythm would Damage 5 Gloo Walls within 100m, 40s CD. If you have a Gloo Wall deployed, heal 7HP/second.

Skyler in Free Fire

The wording of this skill implies that the effect stacks when you have multiple Gloo Walls deployed, but they said that the effect does not stack right afterward. Overall, this skill is fairly decent - it is worth using for the healing effect alone - the active ability of damaging enemies' Gloo Walls is just a nice bonus on top. Just remember to use this skill before deploying your own wall, as it also damages the walls you created.

3 - Skyler Vs Alok

Overall, Skyler's ability is much easier to use - the active component does not require timing... while the passive component would be activated every time you put up a Gloo Wall. It is also the fastest heal overtime in the game at 7 HP/s, more than both Alok and K... at the cost of requiring a Gloo Wall to be deployed.

Maxresdefault 1

If the release version of Skyler is the same as the Advance server version, he would be stronger than Alok. While the ability requires you to have a gloo wall grenade, it can be activated multiple times in a row, unlike Alok's 45-second cooldown ability.

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