Doing rank push in Free Fire can be a pretty tedious task – and getting to the highest tier would take a lot of effort. In this article, we have prepared the top 5 most useful tricks in order to aid you in your road to pro tier.

Free Fire Heroic Hack

1 - Pick the right spot to land

Wait until the plane is relatively close to your chosen landing location before jumping. Furthermore, do not open your parachute manually - this would slow down your landing speed, giving enemies a chance to get ahead. With Free Fire being a BR, landing first is very important, as you would be able to get your guns first and shoot enemies when they are trying to loot.

Just let your parachute automatically deploy when you are about to hit the ground.

free fire tips for beginners

2 - What to do when getting shot at?

When you get shot at, you need to react fast and retreat to a safe location after detecting enemy locations on the minimap. Afterward, you can heal and try to shoot back. Engaging enemies right away is also on the table of course, but you would be at a disadvantage as they are the ones who made the first move.

free fire tips for beginners

When retreating, try to sprint, crouch or jump randomly - that would mess up enemy aim and might save your life.

3 - Use your Scope to scout around

In battle royales like Free Fire, fights usually would happen at medium to long range... and you would usually need a scope for that kind of fight. Usually, you would need a 2x or 4x scope on an AR, and an 8x scope on sniper rifles. Try to get your hand on a scope first before doing anything.

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4 – Try to catch your enemy off guard

You would be able to score headshots more reliably if you managed to catch your opponents off-guard... like when they are looting or focus on other targets, for example. To accomplish this, you need to be patient and scout around with your scope before advancing forward.

Free Fire Shotgun Gameplay

5 - Use the high ground

High grounds are always the biggest terrain advantage you could get in a shooter... and Free Fire is not different. Usually, people would focus on what's on their eye level and not what's above them - it is unlikely that you would be detected.


Crouch or Prone while on the high ground would make it super hard for enemies to shoot you.

6 - Pick the best abilities possible

You would need the meta abilities to stand a chance in ranked mode. It is vital that you get OP characters like Chrono or Alok because that is the only way you could compete. This is one of the more "pay-to-win" aspects in Free Fire.

Chrono Force Shield
Chrono's Force Shield

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