There are 2 ways to get a Booyah in Free Fire - you either land on the edge of the zones and scrape by to survive until the end... or land on the hardest zones, beat everyone and sit on it until the final circles. Anyone can do the first... but the second requires a lot more skills and luck.

Free Fire Purgatory

In this article, we would list out the top 5 most dangerous locations one could find in Free Fire's Purgatory Map.


This is one of the best loot spots on the map - it has high-quality loot and is very easy to defend. Because of that, the building is usually swarmed with players who just want to grab the loot then get out. It is a small island that can only be accessed through two bridges - you can make use of them to snipe off other players. The weakness of the Moathouse is that it is relatively far from the later safe zones.

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The giant quarry is a decent loot/landing spot for survival-style player – it is relatively remote, and the area is littered with covers like cranes, containers, boulders and ramps. Both the top and bottom of the place are filled with low tier loot, especially the containers and pillboxes on the top. Think carefully before jumping down, as you might be ambushed while getting up. At the northeast side of the quarry, there usually is a spawned vehicle.

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Brasilia is probably the most important location that you would need to learn - it is the biggest town on the map and filled to the brim with buildings. If you choose to land here, try to find a weapon as soon as possible as people would start shooting immediately. Most matches would end in this region, so it is important that you explore it in practice matches first before playing Purgatory.

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Central is a great spot for rush-style player, as this village lies smack right in the center of the map. In the two-story houses in the center, you can find decent weapons and gear. However, you must be very careful when exploring this location, as enemies could come out from every corner, especially the roof. To escape from this location, you can try to get to the two zip lines nearby or find a vehicle.

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Ski Lodge

The east side’s Ski lodge is another great spot for survival-style players. The area is relatively easy to navigate and open, with an entrance leading to simple divisions and lockers. The loot can be found scattered around on the ground – the open field is an advantage, as you would be able to look around and scout for enemies... however, you won't have much cover if you decided to move from that location. On the right side, off the runway is a vehicle that you can use to leave the site using the main road after completed looting.

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