Throwables are a hard-to-use but fairly rewarding mechanic in Free Fire. If used right, they can change the course of the match, especially in team games, where people often bunch up together. Grenade Launcher in Free Fire can be used the same way as a normal grenade... with higher range and projectile speed.

Garena Free Fire Ios Wonderland Event

In this article, we would go through all launchers and grenades currently available in-game and how you can unlock their power.

1 - Tips and Tricks on throwing/firing grenades

Frag grenades and launchers are used the same way - the projectile is lobbed out and explodes on impact. A red tracer indicating the grenade would appear on the screen. You can use the launcher and the frag grenade to force players out of covers or destroy vehicles... then switch into a normal gun to fight them.

Alvaro Free Fire

The ammunition for the launchers is super rare, it is best to just discard it if there is no ammo left. The damage and blast radius of launchers can be further increased by Alvaro's skill. Grenades are a great counter to Chrono's shield, as their area of effect damage is not blocked - you can force the enemies inside to take damage or step out of the bubble.

You can throw grenades further using Dreki pet's ability.

2 - Grenade Launcher In Free Fire


This is the default launcher in the game... and the easiest to get. The M79 is a single-shot weapon - you have to reload every time you shoot a grenade. You need to make sure that your shots hit, otherwise picking up this weapon would be a mistake.



This is a special launcher that can only be acquired during special events. The RGS50 is the most advanced weapon on this list... with the ability to lock onto vehicles to deal extra damage, at the cost of lower damage vs players. This launcher has twice the range of a normal launcher - this is probably why it was not added to the game permanently... as that would be too powerful.


MGL 140

The MGL 140 rapid-firing launcher is the best weapon in this class - you can spam grenades continuously without having to worry about missing your target. It also has a faster fire rate and reload speed than other launchers. Furthermore, you can enhance the weapon’s magazine further using an extended magazine attachment.



While the crossbow is not really a launcher, it pretty much works the same... so we are going to include it here. Overall, the damage caused by the Crossbow bolt is excellent - it deals a total of 190 damage, enough to kill almost everyone. Hitting the bolt is the hard part, however, as the thing travels rather slow and has a low range (it is still easier to use than the launcher, of course).


To use the crossbow more effectively, you need to predict the movement of your opponent and aim ahead of them while they are moving. You can also try to sneak around with it as well - the explosion range is pretty small and would not be a problem.

Try to hit your opponents on the head or the chest for extra damage. A headshot is a 100% kill - even level 4 helmets would be penetrated. If you miss the shot, it is best to just pull out another weapon instead of trying to reload, as it is rather slow.

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3 - How to use Smoke Grenades in Free Fire clash squad

The smoke grenade would create a smoke cloud that obstructs an area, preventing people from seeing through. It would also disable aim assist.

This grenade is more useful than you'd expect - due to players' usual reaction of stop firing when they can't see enemies. The Smoke Grenade can be used to cover your retreat, revive and heal your teammate, or create a trap for your enemy. More often than not, they would not shoot through the smoke.

Smoke Grenade

The smoke also disables the auto-aim feature of Free Fire. Enemies would not be able to lock you automatically and would have to manually drag the cursor to the correct location. You would get the upper hand if they are not used to this.

Smoke Grenade

It can also be used to open combat or prevent enemies from entering an area - as usually, any player would hesitate to go in a location they cannot see through. It is best to use this item inside a building.

4 - How to use Gloo Wall grenades in Free Fire

This grenade would instantly create a barrier cover in the direction the user is facing. The wall's HP can be boosted by a Robo pet. Extra grenades would be provided periodically if you have Waggor pet equipped. Some weapons like the M82B can pierce Gloo Walls.

Gloo Wall Grenade
Gloo Grenades in Free Fire are super useful

Gloo Wall automatically disappears after a while. The maximum number of Gloo Walls that can be placed by a player is 3. Any new wall would make the oldest one disappear. There are the important things you need to remember when using Gloo Walls.

  • You can throw a Gloo Wall to distract enemies then go the other way around.
  • You can hold the Gloo Grenade button while moving - this way you can deploy it as cover at any time. Very useful when going into dangerous areas.
  • Gloo Walls can be used to block vehicles.
  • You can jump on top of Gloo Walls to get to otherwise inaccessible places like rooftops.

Use Gloo Walls To Block Enemies

To counter Gloo Walls, you can use the sniper rifle M82B, which comes with the ability to penetrate Gloo Walls and damage the players hidden behind it. The new character Skyler can destroy Gloo Walls with his skill, converting them to HP regeneration.

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