There are 2 types of skills in Free Fire - Active and Passive. For balance purposes, Passive skills are weak but have permanent effects... while active skills have to be activated to actually work. Because of this, the shorter the cooldown, the better - if a skill's cooldown is too long, it becomes less useful in arcade modes like Clash Squad.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 skills in Free Fire with the longest cooldown.

5 - Steffie's Graffiti's Blessing

Cooldown: 45s

Upon activation, it would create an area on the ground marked with graffiti - which reduces bullet and explosive damage taken by Steffie as long as she stays in that circle.

Steffie Portada

The ability is fairly hard to use overall as the effect would be lost if you move out of the area. Multiple instances of this skill do not stack. At max level, the ability would create graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for 10 seconds.

4 - Alok's Drop the Beat

Cooldown: 45s

Alok is usually considered amongst the strongest characters released in Free Fire because of his "Drop the beat" skill's multiple powers. Normally, a character's skill can only boost one stat (like Kelly for example) but Alok's skill can pretty much do everything - from Speed boost to heal... and it also affects all teammates in the area as well. There is a reason why pretty much everyone is asking for Alok Free Giveaway.

1 Alok Partnership Key Visual Hd 1

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3 - Hayato Firebrand's Art of Blades

Cooldown: 50s

Hayato Firebrand is the awakened form of Hayato... with a new ability that focuses on melee combat. When active, Art of Blades would reduce all frontal damage taken by 40% - this means you are supposed to activate this and run at your enemies swinging. Overall, it is moderately useful if you are going to do some melee - firing your gun once would stop the effect.

Hayato Firebrand Free Fire Official Story 3 26 Scr

2 - A124's Thrill of Battle

Cooldown: 60s

Thrill of Battle is an active ability that converts EP to HP at a fast rate. At max level, you would be able to convert 50 EP to HP every 60 seconds. Overall, this ability is super useful when activated in the middle of combat - it pretty much gives you a 50 HP bonus... and in 1vs1 fights, that is more or less a free kill. Combo this with Miguel's ability to get the EP back after every kill.

free fire best skill combo

1 - Wukong's Camouflage

Cooldown: 200s

Wukong's ability is pretty much the most unique skill in Free Fire. While other characters only have boring stat buffs and heal, Wukong can turn himself into a bush. This disguise would let him avoid getting damaged by enemies. You can move around freely while camouflaged.

Free Fire Wukong

Camouflage lasts for 14 seconds at the maximum level. You must stand to use this ability and during its duration, you cannot use any weapons.

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