Free Fire's pet system is one of the more unique parts of the game - besides looking pretty, those pets actually contribute a lot to players' combat potential with their ability. By leveling them up, their abilities would be boosted even further.

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Currently, the newest pet in Free Fire is Dreki, a small dragon. In this article, we are going to take a detailed look at the pet and how to use it to the maximum potential.

1 - Appearance & Design of Dreki

Design is probably the second most important part of a pet - as they need to look cool and fit to the players' set to be used. The dragon pet 'Dreki' is actually drawn in a cartoonish style, with a huge head, four limbs and a pair of wings. Similar to numerous other Free Fire pets it actually wears clothes... with a stylish shirt and necklace. It is the second flying pet in Free Fire after Falco.


A new skin would be unlocked once you get Dreki to level 6.

2 - Dreki's ability

Overall, Free Fire has been going overboard on designing pets, with multiple releases having pretty weird abilities... and the dragon pet 'Dreki' is not an exception. The skill of this pet is a passive ability called "Dragon Glare" - it reveals enemies who are using Medkit in a certain radius around your location.

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At level 1/2/3, users would be able to reveal up to 1/2/4 enemies who are using a Medkit in a radius of 10/20/30 around their location. The duration of this skill is 3/4/5 seconds.

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3 - Tips and Tricks to use Dragon Glare

Overall, you should not use this ability at random, as the chance that you are able to catch anyone with it is really low. People only use medkit when they get damaged heavily in a fight - if you are in the vicinity of a fight, it might be a good idea to activate the skill for a quick check.

The true usage of this skill, however, is in close-quarter combat inside buildings. If an enemy managed to escape with low HP after clashing with you or your team, it is very likely that they are going to hide somewhere for 7 seconds to heal up. Dragon's Glare would reveal their location so that you can catch them on the act.

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