Leaks have always been a big part of Free Fire, as most updates are datamined by numerous content creators as soon as they are out. A popular Free Fire YouTuber named Free Fire World has datamined the latest update and leak out all the skins that are set to arrive in OB27.

In this article, we would list out all of them - no names are available yet, however.

1 - Three new characters and various costume sets

The best part of this update is probably the three new characters: Mr 1, Andrew Awakening and an unnamed female character. This MR1 character is based on a real Arabic singer named "Mohamed Ramadan" - looks like Garena is continuing with its tradition of bringing real-life celebrities into the game as a collaboration.

Untitled24 Untitled23 Untitled22

Andrew's awakening would give players who own him a brand new ability once they have completed the awakening quests. This is a direly needed buff for the character - Andrew has been power creeped out of the game by various new characters.

It is likely that at least one of the three characters would be available in the upcoming Advance server on April 1.

Untitled21 Untitled20 Untitled19 Untitled18

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Untitled17 Untitled16 Untitled15

It is likely that the next elite pass is going to have that blue ornate set - the whole thing looks very regal, with golden decorations all over the place.Untitled14 Untitled13

2 - Item Skins

Overall, the items added to the game's file in this update are more or less part of an Elite Pass. The best looking items are probably the Blue and Golden set - the combination of colors look super striking and would definitely draw attention on the battlefield.

Untitled12 Untitled11 Untitled10 Untitled9 Untitled8 Untitled7 Untitled6 Untitled5

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Untitled4 Untitled3 Untitled2 Untitled

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