Vehicles are an essential part of Free Fire's gameplay, with players using them to traverse across the huge map. Against careless enemies, you can even hit them straight with a car for an easy kill. Due to the higher HP of cars, it is pretty much impossible to deal with them by shooting.


In this article, we would list out the best methods to counter enemy vehicles in Free Fire.

1 - Use Gloo Wall Grenades

If you find yourself standing out in the open with a car speeding right at your location... it is best to just throw out a gloo grenade to block its path. This is the easiest way to deal with vehicles - the blockade would force enemies to veer into another direction leaving you time to get into cover.

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2 - Use Explosive Weapons

All explosives are useful against vehicles - they would deal damage to both the driver and the car they are in. If you got your hand on a grenade launcher, crossbow, or just normal grenades, it might be a good idea to try hitting a moving car with them. Vehicles in Free Fire take more damage from explosives.


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3 - Aim at the driver

It is obvious that aiming at a partly covered, fast-moving target is hard - but at least that target can't shoot you back. As long as you are able to dodge the charge of the vehicle, you can take a shot at its driver.


4 - Use the M82B

The M82B can pierce both Gloo Walls and Vehicles, dealing extra damage to them and even damage players inside a vehicle. You would need to be a safe location for this, as the M82B has a very slow fire rate - the vehicle won't be destroyed after just one shot.


5 - Avoid open locations

It is best to just stick to bad terrains, narrow passages and high ground if you don't want to be run over by a car. You can get your own vehicle of course - this is the safest way to counter enemies riding one.

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