Free Fire has been doing collaborations with real-life celebrities for their appearance inside the game for quite a while now. From Brazil's Alok (based on DJ Alok) to India's Jai (based on Hrithik Roshan) to the world's famous football player Christiano Ronaldo as Chrono... each "Free Fire country" is going to get a character.


The new character MR 1, based on Egyptian megastar Mohamed Ramadan will be a playable character in the upcoming OB27 patch of Garena Free Fire. In this article, we would list out everything currently available about MR 1.

About Mohammad Ramadan

In short, Mohamed Ramadan is pretty similar to Hrithik Roshan - he is a popular action star who has played various parts in Arab action movies and television series. His filmography includes Al Ostoura (The Legend) and Zelzal (Earthquake), and El Prince (The Prince). Ramadan is also a prominent figure in the music industry, with various successful releases such as 'Number 1', 'Mafia', 'El Malek', 'Ya Habibi' and 'Ana El Batal'.


Social media metrics might be a good method to gauge the popularity of Mohamed Ramadan in the Arab world. Currently, the artist has more than 17 million followers on Instagram and around 12 million on YouTube.

Mohamed Ramadan X Free Fire

Overall, this is part of Garena's effort to target the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) market, with localized gameplay experience and tailored content.

About 'MR 1' character and OB27

While this character is going to appear in the Advance Server of OB27 (scheduled on April 1), it is unsure if he is going to be released right away or not. While there is nothing concrete about MR 1's design yet, some leaks say that his ability has something to do with sniper rifles like the AWM, Barrett M82B and Kar98k.

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