Duo mode is an often overlooked game mode in Free Fire, with most players usually focusing on solo or team. However, it is still a legit way to climb up the rank - especially when you don't have enough friends for a full Free Fire squad.

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Coordination is the key... with two players having to support each other in combat. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 characters to use in Duo mode.

5 - Kapella

While Kapella's ability "Healing Song" is only a passive skill, its sheer number makes the skill worth using. You would get 20% more HP from a medkit and 10% more from healing skills when equipped with a max-level Healing Song. This ability enables you to revive your teammate more efficiently, giving them extra HP upon getting up.

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4 - Notora

The motorcycle gang leader Notora can heal herself and every teammate to full... if the team has access to a vehicle. The ability would give players inside the car Notora is driving 4.5 HP regen every 5 seconds. There is no limit for this heal - you can pretty much to full from 1 HP, as long as a player with Racer's Blessing is driving.

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3 - K

K's skill "Master of all" has 2 modes - the first one would let him and his teammates heal faster from EP... and the second one would restore his EP at a faster rate. Overall, K's skill is purely defensive and should be combined with more offensive skills to get the best effect. The Fast EP convert is actually just as good as Alok's heal.

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2 - Alok

Alok is usually considered amongst the strongest characters released in Free Fire because of his "Drop the beat" skill's multiple powers. Normally, a character's skill can only boost one stat (like Kelly for example) but Alok's skill can pretty much do everything - from Speed boost to heal... and it also affects all teammates in the area as well.

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Alok's skill is so brokenly powerful that after a lot of characters were added to the game, he is still the best character in Free Fire.

1 - Chrono

Chrono's skill "Time Turner" would create a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies, with a 9 seconds duration. This is more than enough time for you to either shoot back or pop a medkit to heal yourself without having to worry about enemy fire.

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Just make sure that you are not focused on by too many people - the shield can be overwhelmed by 2 or 3 players and a grenade can still damage you if it was thrown inside the shield. You can help teammates by throwing down the shield and get them up or heal yourself with a medkit - that's how good the shield is.

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