Competing in esports and gaming tournaments is not for many of us no matter how much we enjoy video games ourselves. Honestly, you have to be the kind of person who wakes up at 5 am in the morning and start clicking and clacking on your device day in day out just to be good enough to participate.

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

But we certainly love to follow these esports championships and watch the pros at work, and sometimes witness some of the most outrageous displays of human ingenuity, the unfathomable, or just batsh*t crazy stuff. Occasionally, odd things happen here and there like the internet gets cut off or cosplayers appear out of nowhere, but we aren't talking about those.

What we want to look at today is 7 of the most unforgettable moments in video game and esports tournaments where the winners are us who get to learn about them:

1. Blind Player Wins Match in Street Fighter Tournament

In April 2017, during the Sonic Boom IV championship, part of the Capcom Pro Tour, held in Madrid, Spain, one of the fights drew attention when it was revealed that one of the contestants, Sven Van de Wege, was completely blind.

Sven picked Ken to fight his opponent's Akuma, and Akuma is one of SF’s most effective fighters on the roster. The match was tough and blows after blows were traded equally, but Sven was the one who came out on top

Sven comes from the Netherlands and went blind at age 6 after having cancer. He said in the post-fight interview that, after he recovered, he feared he would never be able to play video games again in his life.

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

However, when trying to play Street Fighter II, he found that he could still fight via auditory senses alone, as in relying on the game's sounds. Since then, he started training on various fighting games, learning to memorize the sounds that the characters make when they move.

Sven is even a streamer with a Twitch account you can follow.

2. 15-year-old Player Wins Tournament Only For Adults

In October 2017, Ubisoft held a For Honor championship in Japan that was won by a boy of just 15 years. So what's the problem? Well, For Honor in Japan is only allowed for those 18 years and older, which makes it kind of inexplicable how this minor managed to sign up and be accepted by the tourney.

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

The tweet above, showing the boy champion, was published by the Twitter account @game_watch and then deleted, but recovered by another Japanese website called Jin115.

3. Player Wins Smash Bros. Championship Using a Fishing Rod (For Gaming)

Worse than losing a game to someone in front of everyone is losing a game in front of everyone while your opponent uses one of Nintendo's cute accessories.

In the case, during a Super Smash Bros. competition that happened in 2016, the winner in question (who happens to be a specialist in Smash 64 and quite well-known) decided to take out the N64 fishing rod controller to play as Kirby and win the fight.

4. Counter Strike Tournament Distracts Players...With Strippers

This happened back in 2009 but remains one of the top moments that happened during esports tournaments. A Counter Strike tournament in Moscow between the and forZe teams held via LAN (now you know the story is old) started out normal, with the teams preparing and discussing tactics.

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

But then, the whole thing took an impressive turn after some women appeared and began to undress, dance and rub themselves against the contestants. All of this while loud music was playing.

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

According to the news reports, the sponsors of the event brought out the girls because they wanted to test the determination and focus of the participants. Another sign of the story being quite old is you'd definitely not see this being attempted nowadays.

5. StarCraft Pro Plays With His Foot, Takes a Nap, Still Wins the Championship

South Korean Lim "Larva" Hong Gyu is very good at StarCraft, really, really good at it. So good that, in 2017, during the second match of the finals of the Zotac Cup Masters Showmatch, he decided to humiliate one of his opponents by using one foot to play, instead of the left hand.

As if that weren't enough, he also made one of his units in the game mess around instead of attacking his opponent and pretended to take naps during two of the games, including the grand final. Of course, he won the match during which he used his foot and the tournament, too.

Other than the unfortunate opponent on the receiving end, the other who didn't like it was the organizer, Zotac, which is a hardware manufacturer. In a statement, the company apologized for the competitor's attitude and promised to "take actions" so that these cases won't repeat again..

6. CS:GO Player Receives a Perma-Ban in the Middle of Esports Match

In October 2014, a CS:GO match between Team Property and HellRaisers for the Swedish Fragbite Masters championship ended in controversy. One of Property's players, Joel "Emilio" Mako, received a VAC Ban in the middle of the match.

For those who don't know the jargon, "VAC" stands for "Valve Anti-Cheating" and getting a VAC ban means to be expelled because you tried to cheat. In this case, Emilio admitted to using an x-ray cheat during the matchmaking section.

The result: in addition to being eliminated from the match, Emilio was banned from official tournaments and his team was disqualified from the rest of the competition. He later apologized, but the ban was not removed and the player was forced to retire, thus making that VAC ban a permanent ban.

7. JAV Actress Takes Off and Signs Panties During World of Tanks Esports Championship

Japan is a land full of contradictions: some of the most all-out ridiculous "laissez-faire" stories come from there despite being a highly conservative society. This is even the case during a 2016 championship of the game World of Tanks held in Tokyo, presented by JAV actress Mana Sakura.

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

7 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened During Esports Tournaments

Presenting the competition is far from the most interesting part of what was about to come next: when a player lost, the actress would take off her pair of panties on stage, sign it and give it to the loser. After each "donation", she would put on new underwear to repeat the process and make all the losers happy.

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