The recent success of Among Us on streaming platforms has become a full-blown phenomenon of the gaming world, despite its release back in 2018. Now that so many users are jumping on the bandwagon after the game got big, a typical question that is brought up is: Is Among Us crossplay possible? And this is something we will be answering.

The final verdict...YES! Among Us crossplay mobile has no limit, whether it is Among Us crossplay PC Mobile or Among Us crossplay iOS Android. This includes Among Us crossplay PC and Phone as well, as players can share their games between platforms without any problem since the servers of the game by Innersloth allow for it.

In most cases, the game will be hosting players from these different platforms. Of course, the complete Among Us crossplay functionality means that you and your friends will be able to play together whenever you want, even if you do it from different devices.

among us crossplay

If, for example, you have the game on PC and your friend on her Android mobile, you can create a private game using a code and play without problems. There are no limits to having fun in Among Us!

What is Among Us? What is Among Us Crossplay?

Among Us is an online game where players must find out who has sabotaged the ship. It was launched in 2018 but its popularity has exploded this summer especially after video game streamers began playing them on streaming platforms, to the point that it has now surpassed the former indie hit of the summer, Fall Guys, in Steam sales and Twitch views.

A sequel had recently been announced, but the success was so sudden that the developer hadn't started on the art, sounds, or programming. Despite fans hoping that the second installment could begin entering the alpha stage, the developer Innersloth has decided to shelve the idea and keep working the original instead.

But Who is Innersloth, The Developer of Among Us Crossplay?

Innersloth is such a small and recently formed studio that their newly created Wikipedia page has one line. It is thanks to Among Us that we now know more about them. The game was launched on Steam on November 16, 2018.

among us crossplay

After a while, word of mouth, positive opinions, and rave reviews from many numbers Youtubers and well-known voices among gamers began to forge a phenomenon comparable to the other surprise hit of the summer, Fall Guys, but without any support from the big companies.

Behind Innersloth there are only three people. All three have a brief bio on the studio's website, which shows that behind this surprise success there are no large investments or expensive campaigns, just a good amount of luck and, above all, a game with addictive mechanics and pleasant aesthetics.

among us crossplay

Forest Willard is introduced as the manager of the business-related part of Innersloth, Marcus Bromander is the game designer and creator of the Henry Stickmin series, and Amy Liu is another graphic artist and deals with issues such as merchandising and preparation of future games. The three are, above all, programmers, although the success of Among Us has forced them to cover additional tasks.

The inspiration of the original game, other than the card game called B*llshit, is from the live party game Mafia, and the initial intent was that the multiplayer would be local. But while Willard acknowledged in an interview with Kotaku that the launch didn't go particularly well, they did gain a small but very active user base very quickly.

among us crossplay

It was that with that user base that encouraged them to implement online multiplayer, customization options, and, finally, the release on Steam after the initial iOS and Android launch, as well as the Among Us crossplay function.

The success has led the studio to consider a console port, but they have run into the chat problem which would be impractical on the PS4 or Xbox One if you don't have the right equipment. Some of the ideas that have been considered are 'Rocket League' style quick commands or building a new communication system for the game, which would be quite complicated.

among us crossplay

At the moment, with over 100 million downloads for the mobile version alone, it should not be an absolute priority for Innersloth. But the truth is that they now have a time bomb on their hands, for which there is no immediate sequel nor significant update.

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