A series of unpredicted events happened and all of them have somehow allowed Among Us to have a huge surge of downloads over the last month and become the most downloaded app on both App Store and Google Play Store in Q3 2020.

Among Us Q3 2020
Among Us has become the most downloaded app on both App Store and Google Play Store in Q3 2020

For those who don't know, Among actually was released in 2018 but it was never the trend until recently. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a Twitch streamer discovered this game and Among Us started to spread around the Twitch community.

In September, Among Us saw a whooping number of 84 million downloads. 54 million downloads were on Android and 30 million downloads were on iOS. The game became successful so suddenly that its developer, InnerSloth, decided to cancel Among Us 2 to improve the current version.

Social Deduction Games Among Us 1200x675
The gameplay of Among Us is simple yet fun to play

Among Us features simple gameplay that anyone can learn easily while allowing you to have fun interactions with your friends or other people on the Internet so it is understandable why it spread so quickly.

In the meantime, PUBG Mobile got a hard hit as the Indian government decided to ban PUBG Mobile across the country due to their conflict with China. India was one of the biggest markets of PUBG Mobile with millions of active players along with multiple pro teams, influencers, YouTubers.

Pubg Mobile Ban 5 Things That It May Change
PUBG Mobile was official banned in India

The ban had a huge effect on PUBG Mobile and the game ended up in 10th place on the overall download list. PUBG Mobile is still in the top 5 downloads on App Store but it couldn't even make it to the top 10 downloads on Google Play Store, where there are many more users.

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