PUBG Mobile has an exclusive 5.56 AR on the map Sanhok, namely QBZ. It replaces the firearm SCAR-L to be one of two main 5.56 assault rifles on this map. However, which one is better, M416 - a legendary AR, or QBZ - an exclusive gun? Let's compare and pick up the suitable AR to get Chicken Dinner on this tropical map.

PUBG Mobile M416 Vs QBZ

M416 is one of the legendary weapons in PUBG Mobile which appears in all five maps. Besides, QBZ is the replacement for SCAR-L in Sanhok. They are also the two main 5.56 ARs on this tropical map. Check out this comparison to pick up the better gun to wipe out this map.

Qbz On Sanhok
QBZ is an exclusive gun on Sanhok

Damage And Firing Rate

M416 and QBZ have the same base damage of 43. However, the firing rate of M416 is 2.76s while it's 2.88s in QBZ. Therefore, the damage per second os M416 is a little bit higher. That's why a lot of pro players prefer to use this legendary gun to eliminate the enemy quickly.

M416 Is Popular On Sanhok
M416 Is Very Popular On This Map

Recoil & Attachments

With a full set of attachments, M416 is more stable and reliable than QBZ. The most important attachments for M416 are extended quick-draw mag, compensator, and stock. Besides, you can attach a thumb grip and a red dot or 2x scope to deal with short-range combat.

Qbz Statistics
This exclusive gun is very powerful

The best attachments for mid-range combat with this legendary gun are half-grip and 3x scope. In addition, you can attach a 6x scope and a vertical grip to engage in long-range combat.

But M416 is more stable

With full attachments, QBZ still has more recoil than M416. It requires the same set of attachments as the M416. However, there is no slot for a stock. That's why it's more recoil than M416.

Capacity And Reload Duration

These two AR has the same ammo capacity of 30 without an extended mag and 40 with an extended mag. But the reload duration of M416 is shorter which is 2.1s without a mag and 1.9 with a quick-draw mag. Meanwhile, it takes the QBZ 3.66s without mag and 3s with a quick-draw mag.