PUBG Mobile has introduced a new Thompson gun in the latest update. The new Thompson has a sight attachment slot for a red dot or holographic. It makes the gun easier to use in close combat. More players choose to use this gun after the update. Now, the new Thompson and UZI are the two most favorite in this game. But which one is better? Check it out here and pick up the better SMG with

PUBG Mobile New Thompson Vs Micro UZI: Detailed Comparison

The new Tommy Gun or Thompson has some significant changes after the latest update 1.0. Previously, it's one of the most underestimated weapons in this game. But after the update, it's one of the most used guns for close-range combat. For example, the developers increased the firing rate of this SMG and added an attachment slot for a holo sight and red dot. It makes the gun more powerful and accurate. Moreover, players can also shoot more accurately with ADS.


Although the rate of fire is increased, the damage of Tommy gun still remains at 41.9. However, it's enough to make this gun win in terms of damage. The damage per hit at the head and body of Thompson is greater than that of Micro UZI. So are the leg damage and arm damage. All these statistics of Thompson are higher than that of Micro UZI.

The damage per hit of UZI is lower than that of Thompson
Thompson Status
The New Thompson has a higher rate of fire

Moreover, the Tommy gun has a pretty high rate of fire. It can shoot about 13 bullets per second. But it's still lower than UZI, the gun with the highest firing rate of all guns. It can shoot the whole mag of 25 bullets in 1.5 seconds and an extended mag of 35 bullets in around 2 seconds. Therefore, the damage per second (DPS) of UZI is much higher. In short, in term of power, both UZI and Thompson have their stronger points over the other one. Therefore, both of these submachine guns are powerful in close combat.


Due to the higher firing rate, Thompson is harder to control now, especially in the over-50-meter range. In comparing the vertical and horizontal recoil, UZI has less recoil no matter how fast it shoots. Moreover, the recoil rate of the new Thompson is about 69% higher with full sets of attachments.

Uzi Has Less Recoil
UZI Has Less Recoil Than Thompson

In hip-fire, UZI's bullet spread is also smaller than Thompson's. The bullet concentration of Mirco UZI is still better. That's why you should use the UZI if you cannot handle the Tommy gun. But pro players can use the new Tommy gun for amazing clutches in PUBG Mobile.

Mag Size And Reloading Speed

Obviously, the mag size of Thompson is larger. The ammo capacity of UZI is 25 to 35 with an extended mag while it's 30 to 50 in Thompson gun. With a fully extended magazine, you can knock and kill an enemy at once. But with a Micro UZI, you can only knock him down and reload the ammo to confirm that kill. However, UZI has lower reloading time (1.9s) than Thompson (3.2s).

The new Thompson is no longer underestimated

In short, the new Thompson came to PUBG Mobile to bring players more options for close-range combat. If you are a master of UZI, keep using this gun to win in close-quarter fights. If you want to try a new weapon and can handle the gun recoil, grab a Tommy gun and a red dot to eliminate enemies quickly.