PUBG Mobile M416 is the most favorite weapon in this game. This legendary gun is very popular which appears in all classic maps and most of the game modes. Not only balanced and stable, but this assault rifle is also versatile. Here are some pro tips and tactics to master M416 in PUBG Mobile. Check it out with

PUBG Mobile M416 Pro Tips

M416 is the most versatile, balanced, and stable weapon with very low recoil. This powerful AR has the same damage base of 41 as other 5.56 ARs, such as QBZ, SCAR-L, AUG-A3, and G36C. But among these 5.56 ARs, M416 is the most versatile gun in this game. That's why a lot of pro players choose this gun to win. It's available on all maps and game modes.

Pubg Mobile M416
PUBG Mobile M416 Statistic

You can use this gun in both short and mid-range engagements. Moreover, it can deal with long-range combat if you can control it. Here are some tips to master and win every combat with M416.

Position Tips

  • Don't get too close to enemies like when you use UZI or other SMGs. This AR is designed for mid-range combat.
  • If the enemy gets close to you, you can step back to shoot and kill the enemies with an M416.
Keep A Safe Distance To Shoot
Keep A Safe Distance To Shoot

Attachment Tips

  • The best muzzle for this gun is a compensator. It helps reduce 15% verticle recoil and 10% horizontal recoil.
  • The second choice is a flash hider which reduces 10% verticle and horizontal recoil. The suppressor only helps hide your position and doesn't help reduce the gun recoil.
  • Verticle grip is the best grip for beginners or mid and short-range combat. Moreover, it also reduces 10% verticle recoil. That's why it's the best grip choice for this AR.
A Nice Attachment Set For M416
A Nice Attachment Set For M416
  • The angled grip is the best choice for ADS. It reduces 15% horizontal recoil and increases 10% ADS speed. However, it's not a good choice for close-range engagements because this grip reduces the scope opening speed.
  • If you cannot loot these two grips, you can attach a thumb grip to this gun to open the scope faster.
  • The best scope choice for M416 is a 3x scope. It's also the best scope for better aiming in mid-range combat. Or else, use a 6x scope and adjust it to 3x scope to deal with mid and long-range combat.
Use A 6x Scope And Adjust To 3x Scope
Use A 6x Scope And Adjust To 3x Scope
  • In the last circle, attach a red dot and prepare for all close combat.
  • Try to find an extended quickdraw mag to increase the ammo capacity and reduce the reloading duration.
  • The stock is the most important attachment for this gun.

Uses Of M416

  • This AR is designed for mid-range combat. Therefore, in close and mid-range combat, use the full-auto firing mode.
  • In long-range fights, if you cannot deal with the gun recoil, turn on the single firing mode and tap to shoot more accurately.
  • PUBG Mobile M416 is the best weapon choice for both aggressive and defensive players. It can be used as the primary gun for fraggers and secondary gun for snipers.
The Combination Of M416 And Kar98k
The Deadly Weapon Combo Of M416 And Kar98k
  • If you are a fragger and have to deal with close-quarter fights, grab an SMG like UZI with the highest rate of fire or the new Thompson with the largest ammo mag. Or else, grab another powerful AR like AKM or Beryl M762. It would be great if you find an AUG A3 which also uses 5.56mm ammunition.
  • If you play as a supporter and sniper, M416 and Mini-14 is the best weapon combination because both of them are stable and balance. If you are a master of bolt-action sniper, use a combo of M416 and Kar98k.