1 month since the PUBG Mobile ban in India took effect, a lot of things have changed except the ban. Despite many efforts to take the game back, it seems like the Indian government doesn’t have any plan of lifting the ban in the near future. However, we have reasons to believe that PUBG Mobile will soon return to India as the app will no longer be a Chinese app. Here are the main points that players should know about the future of PUBG Mobile in India!

Pubg Mobile

1. The India-China tension

All of us know the main reason why PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Just like many other mobile apps that belong to Chinese companies, PUBG Mobile the most popular battle royale game in Indian was locked in India server due to the fear of a cyberattack from China. In addition to that, these apps are accused of stealing users' information and sending it back to China which threatens the security of not only Indian people but the whole country.

2. A Chinese app no more

While the publishing right of PUBG Mobile belongs to a Chinese company Tencent games, it is PUBG Corp, a subsidiary of Korean game developer Bluehole which owns the copyright of the game. As the tension between the two countries has yet to be settled, PUBG Corp revealed that they have cut the Indian tie with Tencent. It means that PUBG Mobile will have a special version in India which doesn’t have any connection with Chinese companies.

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Pubg Mobile Will Be Right Back
There are many rumors around the relaunch date of PUBG Mobile in India.

3. An Indian company to take over the publishing right

Apart from taking away the publishing right of PUBG Mobile in India from Tencent games, PUBG Corp also reveals that they’re looking forward to an Indian partner (possibly Reliance Jio) to take over the publishing of the app. With more than 5 core active users, Indian is one of the biggest markets of PUBG Mobile so it’s impossible for PUBG Corp to let it fall into its rival’s hands.

4. How long will it takes for PUBG Mobile to comeback

As Indian players are likely to have a specialized version of PUBG Mobile instead of the global one, it seems that we still need to wait for a long time for the new version to be completed and get the approval from the Indian government. While waiting for PUBG Mobile to comeback, players can look for PUBG Mobile alternatives like Free Fire or COD: Mobile

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Pubg Mobile Banned

5. The decision belongs to the government

Despite many changes that might be made in the future to serve the return of PUBG Mobile in India, please note that the final decision belongs to the government. In fact, the app has sparked controversies across the country for years as it was said to be a major reason for poor study performance and mental problems among the youth. It seems like the future of PUBG Mobile in India is unclear but we hope that chicken dinners won’t become a thing of the past.

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