Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode is one of the most popular arcade modes in the game, with the mode being super competitive with its own ranked system. In this mode, you have to buy guns instead of picking them up, so knowing which gun to buy is the key to win.

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In this article, we would answer the question of "Which Is The Best Gun In Free Fire Clash Squad?" and list out the top 10 most efficient weapons you should purchase.

1 - AN94

The lowest cost AR in this mode – you can get your hand on the AN94 with only $1200. In Free Fire, the gun has the third-highest damage per shot amongst AR - a whopping 60, only 2 lower than the AK and 1 lower than the Groza.

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To make up for that strength, its range and fire rate are slightly lower than the usual rifles - however, bullet damage is better than fire rate most of the time. Its accuracy is a problem, however - the gun has pretty substantial recoil.

2 - Desert Eagle

This pistol is actually one of the most damaging weapons in the game, with 90 damage per shot, and a bonus on headshots. It also has a super high range - more than a number of AR even... However, the DE's fire rate and accuracy are rather underwhelming - you need to make every shot count. An enemy without a helmet could be one-shotted with a headshot.

Desert Eagle

Players would be able to move 20% faster than usual when holding the DE - it is a great weapon to carry to move around faster while still able to defend yourself. It is also the third-cheapest weapon in Clash Squad at $800.

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3 - MP5

With a lot of the combat in this mode happening in close to middle range, the MP5 is probably the best budget choice. It is the cheapest SMG at $1300 – bringing to the table great damage, fast fire rate and reload speed. You can engage in combat constantly. The weakness of the gun is its range, of course, so don’t try to snipe with it.


4 - M1887

The M1887 is pretty much the perfect midway point between the M1014 and the SPAS 12. It has one shot more than the SPAS, the most damage total with 100 points, and a much tighter spread. This is probably part of Free Fire's power creeping policy, with new weapons stronger than the older ones.


The best ability of the M1887, however, is its 67 points in armor-piercing. This means it would remain effective even if enemy players have gotten their hands on protective gear like helmets and vests. Its high cost at $1700 is somewhat of a problem, but you can get your investment out of that easily.

5 - Thompson

Another cheap alternative to the MP5 – the Thompson has slightly higher output but is harder to handle than the MP5, as it has an even lower range. The best feature of the gun is that it is cheap, of course – you only need $1400 to acquire this weapon.



FAMAS is a much trickier weapon to use than the other weapons on this list, however, its extreme accuracy and long-range can greatly aid players in performing headshots. It costs the same amount of money as the AN94, at $1200.


The FAMAS is rather tricky to use due to its burst fire mode, which only fires 3 bullets at a time and not full auto. However, if you know how to use this weapon, just get another pistol to bolster your extra damage, and you are set.

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7 - M500

The M500 has long-range, huge damage, and is super cheap at $400. However, its drawback is pretty severe – the gun has high recoil and only 5 bullets in its magazine. This gun could work great as a sidearm for long-range attacks if you are going out with something like the MP5.

You need a certain level of skill to use the M500 however - the M500 has high bonus damage on headshots.

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8 - AK

While the AK is not nearly as strong in this mode comparing to the normal battle royale, its high damage per shot is still something that can't be ignored. While the thing is fairly expensive to get, at $1700, it is still a good alternative for the M1887 (if you are not confident with going up close and personal).


9 - M60

The M60 is the basic LMG in Free Fire - it has the stats of a basic Assault Rifle, with the only difference being its weight and high magazine sizes. In Clash Squad, the weapon is not too impressive as you have to move around a lot. At least it is very affordable at only $1100.


10 - M1014

This is probably the most popular gun in the class because of its 6 bullets magazine. Being an auto shotgun, the M1014 can fire quite a few shots before having to reload - you would have a much bigger margin of error.


The weakness of the M1014 is the high spread, which leads to lower damage. You would have to stand much closer to your enemies for your shots to be effective. It can be equipped with a stock to somewhat deal with this flaw.

For the best gun combination in Free Fire Clash Squad, you can just get any two of the weapons on this list. Interested in more of our articles about Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for the Tips And Tricks On Using Grenade Launcher In Free Fire.