Duo mode is somewhat in a middle position between the normal solo and squad mode of Free Fire. It retains the chaotic combat of the solo variant, as there is double the number of teams on the map comparing to Squad. On the other hand, with another teammate, downed people would not be killed outright, which means long-range combat is less useful.

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Our Free Fire guide of Duo mode below would contain various tips and tricks about how to work together, get kills, and survive until the end of the match.

1 - Notify your mate about any useful information

In Duo, you would have an extra pair of eyes to scout the vicinity – make use of it. When making calls, it is best to use the directions on the minimap, as it is the only thing both of you have in common.

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Exchange equipment with your mate so that both of you have a decent set of gear. Find gears that you don’t have any more slots to carry? Ping the location so that your friend can pick it up.

2 - Support each other with abilities

Alok or Chrono or K's abilities are very useful in this mode - they would let you heal your teammate up, providing double the bonus if used right.

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3 - Communication and cooperation are very important

Use voice chat and map markers to have both of you on the same page. Stick together to cover each other’s back – but not too close. It is rather common for inexperienced players to friendly fire when accidentally blocked by an ally. Furthermore, both players can be sprayed down at the same time if they are next to each other, leaving no way for them to escape.

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The best way to make use of your number is to position so that you could cover your teammate at a moment’s notice. With 2 people focus on firing at one target, you would be able to win fights as long as you are not caught off guard. Don’t go off on your own and don’t let your teammate runoff.

4 - Be cautious if you don't know the location of both enemies

Always double check when you are trying to revive your teammate - enemies might be lurking nearby. The same thing can also be applied to downed enemies - it is a good idea to camp and uses the downed player as bait to kill his teammate.

Positioning to fire at different angles. This is pretty important, as enemies who are trying to avoid your attack in one direction can involuntarily walk into the line of fire of your teammate at another.

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