Free Fire's OB28 patch is almost here - and with it, the introduction of a new character called D-Bee. His ability is called Bullet Beats - it increases the movement speed and accuracy of your character if you fire while moving. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best characters to combo with D-Bee in Free Fire OB28.

1 - Shirou

With D-Bee's ability to give boost only when players move and fire at the same time, it is very suitable to use in combination with shotgun combos. Shirou is also a piece of the puzzle, with his skill providing 100% extra armor-piercing for just one shot.

Shirou in Free Fire

The accuracy provided by D-Bee's passive also lets all the shotgun pellets hit the target. However, you might need to practice with the shotgun a little, as moving while firing it accurately is not an easy thing to do.

2 - Xayne

D-Bee's ability is a passive that can go with pretty much any active skills in the game, but the best bonus that it can get is probably Xayne's. Her Xtreme Encounter ability restores 80 HP instantly and boosts your damage against gloo walls and shield, which is vital in close-quarter fights.

Xayne is a formidable character added in the most recent update.

You might want to use the new LMGs with this combination to make use of their high magazine capacity and "machine gun" mode.

3 - Chrono

While Chrono's skill is not the best ability in the game anymore, correct usage of it can still win you at least one fight. When used in combination with D-Bee's ability, your shotgun attacks should be able to destroy any enemies nearby without fear of retaliation.

Chrono loses some of his attraction but still a good match.

Try to save Chrono's ability until you absolutely need it, as the thing has a very long cooldown now.

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4 - Alok

Alok's healing and speed aura has been one of the best skills in the game ever since its release... and its bonus stack with D-Bee's Bullet Beats. With both skills active, you will run 30% faster than normal - which is super hard for enemies to follow and hit.

Alok is always among the best characters in Free Fire for any combo.

This enables you to do hit and run with heavier weapons like an LMG or rush and close the distance with the M1014 much more easily. The new shotgun Mag-7 is also a good choice for this role.

5 - Jai

Running out of bullets is a problem when you use D-Bee's ability, as firing when moving will waste a lot of them. Jai's ability would change that - for each kill you make, the ammo of your gun would be refilled.

Jai is one of the best characters to combo with D-Bee.

This allows you to go against multiple targets just fine, providing that you are able to finish them off without running out of ammo. The only weapons Jai's skill does not work on are Sniper Rifles.

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