Free Fire has just released its beta test Advance Server for the OB28 update. A lot of new features are added in this version, including a brand new character called D-Bee. In this article, we are going to analyze his abilities to see if Free Fire D-Bee Character is as good as the current meta characters.

1 - About D-Bee's backstory and appearance

Nothing has been revealed about D-Bee's origins yet - all we know is that he is a street musician and dancer. D-Bee's appearance is pretty stylish - he more or less dresses like a DJ, with headphones, a large jacket and a bandana.

Free Fire D Bee Character
Free Fire D-Bee Character Appearance

It is likely that D-Bee is yet another character based on some real-life celebrities, similar to most musicians in Free Fire. D-Bee is the fourth musician to be added to the game.

2 - About D-Bee's ability

D-Bee's skill is a passive ability called Bullet beats. When equipped with this ability, D-Bee's accuracy and movement speed would increase massively if you fire while moving.

New Character D-Bee
Free Fire D-Bee character skill

The best part of this ability is its absurd value - this is probably due to the difficulty of shooting while moving. At level 1, Bullet Beats gives you +35% of movement speed and accuracy when firing while moving. This bonus increases to a whopping 70% at max level - the highest speed bonus in Free Fire to date.

Fun Fact: This bonus is likely to stack with other movement speed bonuses in the game - a combo of Chrono + D-Bee + Joseph + Kelly can give you +121% movement speed. If you are under the aura of Alok from one of your teammates, the boost could become 136%. This is the highest movement speed boost that the player could achieve in Free Fire.

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3 - How to use D-Bee's ability?

D-Bee's ability is actually incomparable to Alok or Chrono's, as Bullet Beats is a passive skill while the others are actives. However, the effects of the skill are definitely comparable alright. Bullet beats' 75% bonus accuracy would make the least accurate guns shoot right... and its absurd movement speed boost would let you rush while avoiding attacks from enemies.

It is important that you can fire your gun continuously to maintain the bonus, as the boost would stop if you have to reload. The best weapons to use in combination with this skill are spammy SMGs like the MP40, LMGs like the Kord... and even shotguns like the MAG-7. It is unsure if this bonus would work while the player is crouching or not.

Kord Gun Free Fire
The Kord would definitely work in combination with D-Bee's passive

However, D-Bee's weakness is in middle to long-range combat - firing while moving just doesn't work on ARs or SRs. Overall, D-Bee is stronger than Chrono and Alok in certain builds but weaker in versatility.

4 - Best skills to combo with D-Bee

As mentioned above, D-Bee is perfect in a rusher build, especially with spammy weapons. Due to its nature of being a passive skill, Bullet Beats is highly versatile. Here are some recommended combo with D-Bee in Free Fire OB28.

  • Alok/Chrono/A124/Xayne: It is best to use either of these active skills in combo with D-Bee. They are all useful in rusher builds... however, the latter three are better as you don't really need the speed boost from Alok.
  • Shirou: His ability works fairly well in shotgun builds. In a fire exchange, you can deal a great amount of damage with just one proc of this skill.
  • Dasha: Her passive reduces recoil buildup, which is a huge problem when you shot while moving. This makes your weapon more accurate than ever.
  • Jai: Automatically reload after a kill is super useful as you can continue fighting right away without having to wait for reloading.
  • Jota: This combo pretty much forces you into using shotguns and SMGs, which are the weapon covered by Jota's passive.
Free Fire Jota
Overall, Jota is the perfect character to combo with D-Bee

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5 - Best guns to combo with D-Bee

  • All SMGs can work really well with D-Bee's ability, except for the VSS and CG15. The weapon with the most synergy is probably the MP40, an extremely close-range weapon with notoriously low accuracy. With the boost from D-Bee, you can easily headshot people with burst fire now.
The MP40 is perfect to use in builds involving D-Bee
  • Automatic shotguns like the M1014 and the MAG-7 works really well with D-Bee's ability. You should be able to fire while rush at your target so fast they can't dodge.
  • The LMGs are also pretty useful in combination with D-Bee, as his skill literally removes both of the class' weaknesses: slow movement speed and low accuracy. This skill might even work on the super slow Gatling gun.

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