The OB26 update of Free Fire has officially gone live and players are super excited to try out new features in the new update. The brings players a brand new training mode, weapons, and features.

The MAG-7 gun Free Fire is the new shotgun in the OB26 update. The MAG-7 gun is a mid-range shotgun with a high power rate and it is expected to be one of the hottest weapons in the OB26 update, especially when the M1887 got nerfed.

Free Fire Ob26
The OB26 update is live, bringing Free Fire players a ton of new updates and features

In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about this new MAG 7 Free Fire shotgun and test its power.

MAG-7 Free Fire Details

Here are the details of the MAG-7 gun in Free Fire according to Garena

  • Damage: 89
  • Rate of Fire: 53
  • Range: 15
  • Reload Speed: 55
  • Magazine: 8
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Movement Speed: 62
  • Armor Penetration: 0
Mag 7 Free Fire
Here are the details about the MAG 7 on the official website of Free Fire

The MAG-7 Free Fire will be available in both Battle Royale mode and Clash Squad mode. It can be equipped with a Grip and a Stock to make it more stable and accurate.

At the first glance, we can see that the rate of fire of the MAG-7 is extremely high (53) comparable to that of an Assualt Rifle. This weapon is more versatile than most shotguns with decent damage output.

MAG-7 Free Fire Damage Comparison

Here, we are going to do a damage comparison of the MAG-7 gun in Free Fire vs the M1887, an insanely good shotgun with high range and burst power. We are going to test the damage output of these two weapons in the Training mode on a dummy with a Level 2 helmet and a Level 2 armor in different ranges.

Close Range

In a very close range (1 to 2m), the M1887 completely out damage the MAG-7. The M1887 deals twice more damage than the MAG-7.

The M1887 deal more than 800 damage per second with 2 shots. The 2 shots on the armor cause the dummy to take 180 damage and the armor takes 140 damage. The M1887 will kill a player with 2 shots unless they are really lucky that all the shots hit the armor.

M1887 Free Fire Damage
The M1887 deals 800 damage per second in close range combats, an insane amount of damage

The MAG-7 deals 359 damage per second. After 5 shots, the dummy takes 200 damage and the armor takes 200 damage. We can see that the MAG-7 deal more damage to armor but it doesn't have as much burst power as the M1887.

 Mag 7 Free Fire
The MAG 7 Free Fire deals 359 damage per seconds in close range combats and it takes 5 shots to kill the dummy


In the second test, we stand 5 meters away from the dummy. The MAG-7 still manage to get a stable 350 damage per second while the M887 falls off to 600 damage per second. The M1887 still deals more damage per second but it fails to kill the dummy after 2 shots.

M1887 Free Fire Damage 1
At the 5 meters distance, the damage of the M1887 falls off hard and it can't kill the dummy with 2 shots

Meanwhile, the MAG-7 still kills the dummy after 5 shots. Even if it didn't, you still have 3 more shots to finish the job. This makes the MAG-7 a better weapon than the M1887 in mid-range combats.

Mag 7 Free Fire
At the 5 meters distance, the damage per second of the MAG-7 stay quite the same

MAG-7 Free Fire Tips, Tricks, And Strategy

The biggest strength of the MAG-7 gun in Free Fire is that it is more versatile than other shotguns. It has average damage but has a better range and accuracy than other shotguns, especially with attachments. This gives the MAG-7 a better chance against SMGs such as MP40 even if you are a little bit far away.

 Mag 7 Free Fire
The MAG-7 Free Fire can deal a tab;e amount of damage even if the target is a little bit farther away

When fighting against the M1887, it is best to fight it from a safe distance rather than a close distance because the M1887 will totally out damage the MAG-7 in close range. However, at 5 meters or farther, the MAG-7 can totally win with its consistency while it is really hard for the M1887 to kill you in 2 shots.

Caroline Free Fire
Caroline increase your movement speed while holding a shotgun which is super nice

Characters who will be a great pair with the MAG-7 in Free Fire are Caroline, Alok, Chrono, K, and Jota.

It will take some time for the MAG-7 to get some skins in the game so it might a little underwhelm to other weapons with skins. However, this is only a matter of time.

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