Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles on mobile in the world. The game has features that make it totally stand out from all other titles.

One of those elements is the Gloo Wall, a special item that only Free Fire has. The Gloo Wall is a type of Grenade in Free Fire that will instantly create a big ice wall that blocks incoming projectile.

How To Use Fast Gloo Wall In Free Fire

It is not only a unique item but it also has become a very crucial item in Free Fire that every player needs to learn to use. Knowing how to use fast Gloo Wall in Free Fire will save your life in the worst situation and counter the enemy. So if you want to get more Booyah in Free Fire then you should better learn how to use it now.

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about the Gloo Wall along with exercises for you to practice and tricks to use in battles.

How To Use Fast Gloo Wall In Free Fire?

Knowing how to use fast Gloo Wall in Free Fire is a skill that would make you super elusive in Free Fire. However, it is a little bit complicated and you will need to practice a lot before you can get used to this technique.

Here are the steps to use fast Gloo Wall in Free Fire when you are fighting an enemy:

  • Step 1: You shoot at them by drag your Fire button up to hit headshots better.
  • Step 2: While you are holding your Fire button, switch to Gloo Wall.
  • Step 3: Aim the Gloo Wall to where you want to place it by dragging the Fire button (your finger is still holding the Fire button). The lower you aim the closer the Gloo Wall will be.
  • Step 4: Release the  Fire button and the Gloo Wall will be placed.

How To Practice Using Gloo Wall in Free Fire?

The best way to practice using Gloo Wall is through the Training Mode in Free Fire. In the OB26 update, Free Fire added a new Gloo Wall training room where you can use as many Gloo Wall as you want to block bullets from random directions. This is really helpful to practice your awareness of areas around you, reflection, and Gloo Wall placement.

Free Fire Practice Mode 5d25

In order to practice those skills in real combats, you can use the Combat Zone in the training room. In there, you will face real people, you can use whatever weapon you want and you can respawn instantly. To find Gloo Wall in the Combat Zone, you need to go to the balcony of the long building. You will find a crate there, where you can get as many Gloo Wall as you want.

Gloo Wall In Training Mode

Using the Training mode to practice using Gloo Wall is much better than playing real matches because it is harder to find Gloo Wall and you need to spend time finding matches.

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Secret Gloo Wall Tips And Tricks Pro Players Use

There is a lot of ways to use Gloo Wall in Free Fire to give you advantages in combats. Here are some advanced tips and tricks from pro players I would like to share with you to so you can master using the Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

1. Using Gloo Wall while jumping

When you are running, you will be stopped for a bit when you place a Gloo Wall. If you are rushing an enemy this will delay your momentum significantly. The Solution is very simple. Just jump and place the Gloo Wall while you are in the air, you will get zero delays and will keep running smoothly after.

How To Use Fast Gloo Wall In Free Fire

If you have mastered the fast Gloo Wall technique then you would want to combine it with this trick as well and make a habit of jumping before placing a Gloo Wall. This is extra important in a close-range fight with a shotgun.

2. Double Gloo Wall

You might have seen other people doing this before. They would quickly place 2 Gloo Wall instead of only 1. This is to stop the M82B sniper rifle, the only weapon that can go through Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

Double Gloo Wall Free Fire

It is also a really great technique in close range fights to pull of a highlight. You can make the enemy stuck between your 2 Gloo Wall, leaving only 1 open for you to easily kill them.

3. Gloo Wall fortress

If you don't know where are you getting shot from, building a whole Gloo Wall fortress around you will guarantee your safety to heal up. You need to It is not too complicated. Keep your aim low, use your right finger to spin in one place, and use the left Fire button to place Gloo Wall while spinning.

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