Free Fire is a battle royale game on mobile developed by Garena. The game has been the most popular battle royale on mobile since then, even more than PUBG Mobile. The game is less-graphics intensive so almost every smartphone can run it. The maps in Free Fire are small and only have 50 players each match so matches are shorter.

 Free Fire
Free Fire has its own unique features that make it stand out

There are also additional features in Free Fire that make the game stand out from other games on the market. Free Fire has a character system with almost 30 unique characters, each with its own skill, a pet system, and even skin that apply buffs to weapons. Free Fire doesn't afraid to be called pay-to-win with tons of features that give players more power by buying items.

Best Scar Skin In Free Fire
Free Fire lets player buy items that give them advantages in matches

Each skin in Free Fire will give a different buff for its according to the weapon so sometime it might be confused for players to choose the best skins that will give you a better chance of winning. Here we will show you the best skins for SCAR, one of the most favorite weapons in Free Fire.

Here is the list of the top 4 best SCAR skin in Free Fire

Best SCAR skin in Free Fire - Ultimate Titan SCAR

Just as the name suggests, the Ultimate Titan SCAR is the ultimate skins for SCAR. It will give your SCAR a huge damage boost because it increases both the damage and the rate of fire of the weapon. The downside of this skin is that the capacity of your magazine will be reduced but that is not a problem at all compared to the benefit that this skin can give you.

Best Scar Skin In Free Fire
Best skin for SCAR in Free Fire- Ultimate Titan SCAR

After all, you can reload all you want if your enemies are dead. This is also the skin that most pro players choose to use.

The Ultimate Titan SCAR is available in the in-game market for 40 Diamond.

Best SCAR skin in Free Fire - Blood Moon SCAR

The Blood Moon SCAR doubles the damage and increases the range of your weapon, which makes it just as lethal as the Ultimate Titan SCAR. The downside of this skin is that it will reduce your accuracy so you might want to avoid this skin if your aim isn't very well. But if you are capable of controlling it then every bullet you hit is going to be a pain for enemies.

Best Scar Skin In Free Fire
Best skin for SCAR in Free Fire - Blood Moon SCAR

Best SCAR skin in Free Fire - Cupid SCAR

The Cupid SCAR is another favorite SCAR skin of many Free Fire players. It is pretty much the same as the Ultimate Titan SCAR. Your Fire Rate will be doubled and your damage per hit will be increased. However, the Cupid SCAR skin will reduce the range of your weapon, which is a minor disadvantage sometimes. Overall, it is still a very good option and will give you a large benefit for most of the time.

Best Scar Skin In Free Fire
Best skin for SCAR in Free Fire - Cupid SCAR

Best SCAR skin in Free Fire - The Beast SCAR

The Beast SCAR will give you double damage per hit and extra accuracy, making you a true beast with a SCAR if you are equipping this skin. This is overall a better option than the Blood Moon SCAR skin if you having problems with accuracy. The extra accuracy of the skin will be really helpful to hit your shot. The only downside of this weapon is that you will reload slower, which is not a really big problem at all unless you have the habit to reload after every shot.

Best Scar Skin In Free Fire
Best skin for SCAR in Free Fire - Beast SCAR

How to get gun skins in Free Fire for free

Here are a few ways for you to get free fun skins in Free Fire for free.

Participating in in-game events

There are plenty of events in Free Fire frequently that will give you free rewards such as gun skins and outfits. All you have to do is to join those events and do all the missions. You can follow Gurugamer to get the latest news about the Free Fire event as soon as possible.

free fire event
You can get free rewards from Free Fire events

Elite Pass missions

The Elite Pass is another very effective way to get free gun skins in Free Fire. There is a new version of Elite Pass each season. All players can access the free version without spending a dime.

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