Garena has revealed some fresh details for the secret “Plan Bermuda” of Free Fire pretty recently on the Brazil server, with a collaboration with Spanish Netflix’s “La Casa de Papel” or “Money Heist show. The “Plan Bermuda” and the Remastered version of the map have been teased on Garena’s social media handles for quite a while now.

Free Fire E La Casa De Papel
Kelly wearing the show's signature red jumpsuit

The collaboration would take the form of a game mode called Money Heist - it would go live sometime in September. The new Money Heist mode would be a 4 vs 4 - in this mode, all players would have to collect as many banknotes as possible before the timer runs out - while fighting the other team. The money is placed inside Money Presses that are strategically placed all over the map. The team that managed to reach the goal limit first would win the match. This mode is similar to some arcade modes in Call of Duty Mobile, in which players also have to gather various objects all over the map.

Garena called this “Money Heist” collab to be a full “in-game takeover”. Based on a statement by Harold Teo, Free Fire’s producer - looks like Garena is going to get more collabs from now on, similar to what PUBG Mobile did with various TV series and even games like the Walking Dead and Resident Evil. If this is their plan going forward, India Free Fire might even get an exclusive event later.

The Red jumpsuit set in-game

The Money Heist collab theme would also be included in other parts of the game, like in Bermuda Airplanes and Parachutes. Outfits from the show like the red jumpsuits and masks are also going to be available in the event. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about how to use the crossbow in-game.