Free Fire features a huge collection of all kinds. Each type of weapons have their own strengths and weaknesses and are meant to be used in different situations. But AR gun in Free Fire is the exception as they are very versatile.

While they are not as good as shogun in close-rang fights and not as good as sniper rifles in long-range fights, they are not completely bad in either of those situations. This is why Assault Rifles is the go-to choice for most players over other types of weapons.

 Ar Gun In Free Fire
Assault Rifles are very versatile weapons that fit for a situation

However, in Free Fire, there are 15 different types of Assault Rifles and a big number. Many players actually have a hard time remember all the Assault Rifles in the game, let alone knowing which ones are the best.

When it comes to gaming, pro players are the ones with the most skill, knowledge, and know what is best. So today, we are going to show you the top 3 AR guns that pro players love to use the most in the tournament.

Best AR Gun In Free Fire - SCAR

The SCAR gun in Free Fire is one of the best and most used AR by all players. The SCAR has an average damage per shot of 53 but it is compensated by a fast rate of fire of 61 and a decent effective range.

However, the element that makes it the favorite weapon for all players is its stability, which is essential to winning fights consistently. You can attach the SCAR with all kinds of attachments including silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope to make it even more reliable.

scar In Free Fire
The SCAR is one of the best and most used AR in Free Fire by all players

The SCAR is a weapon that anyone at any level can use for almost any situation. What else can you ask more from this amazing weapon? This is hand down the best Assault Rifle and one of the best weapons in Free Fire.

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Best AR Gun In Free Fire - XM8

The XM8 Assault Rifle was just added to Free Fire this year but it has soon become of the most favorite Assault Rifles for pro players. It has decent damage per shot of 57, a pretty fast rate of fire of 60, and a good range, pretty similar to the SCAR.

xm8 Gun In Free Fire
Pro players love the XM8 because it is quite similar to the SCAR and have an x2 scope

The weapon is also built-in with an x2 scope that can't be switched and a high movement speed of 73. These are the reasons pro players love it so much.

The x2 scope is decent enough and it allows players to have a significant advantage against players who don't have a scope in the early game. The movement speed is always useful in combat to run away, chase, or reposition.

The XM8 can be attached with a silencer, muzzle, and magazine. It is just a little weaker than the SCAR when fully equipped, but still, it is a great weapon.

 Ar Gun In Free Fire
The XM8 Assault Rifle was just added to Free Fire this year

The XM8 and the SCAR are the two most picked Assault Rifles in Free Fire tournaments by a large margin over any other Assault Rifle.

In Ranked matches, both of these weapons are also really good and there is a lot of strong skin for them.

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Best AR Gun In Free Fire - AK

When it comes to the damage output, the AK is an absolute beast that can shred any opponent down, as long as you hit your shot.

ak Gun In Free Fire
The AK has high damage but it also has high recoil

The AK has a huge damage per shot of 62, more than any other Assault Rifles. The rate of fire of the AK is not too high, only 55. The effective range of it is 73, also more than most other Assault Rifles, making it a great replacement for a sniper rifle as long you have a big scope.

The biggest downside of AK is its high recoil, making it hard to hit the target if you are not used to it. This is not too big of a problem for a pro player who has mastered i. But if you are just a casual player or just get started playing Free Fire, then you should really stay away from it if you want to win.

 Ar Gun In Free Fire
The new AK Blue Flame Draco skin

The AK can be equipped with a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, and scope. These attachments will help the weapon to be somewhat more stable but it will still take some skills to tame this beast.

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