In the previous article, we have shown you 5 weirdest Free Fire skills combos for you to have fun with. However, since not everyone owns the Alok character, we are going to introduce to you another top 5 weird-but-good skills combos in Free Fire, but this time, we are not going to include Alok or any expensive character in any of these combos.

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So if you haven't got many characters or haven't owned Alok yet, don't you worry, we got you covered. Without further ado, let's get right to it now.

1. The Detective Skills Combo

First, we are going to start with the 'Detective' skill combo and of course, our main piece in this combo will the detective Clu with the ability to spot the location of players nearby. We will also have Moco in this combo to make sure we will never lose track of our enemy ever.

For support characters, we have Laura to increase your accuracy in long-range fights. For the last character, you can choose Paloma if you engage in long-range combats often or you can choose Joseph to get more mobility.

Free Fire Skill Combos
The main piece in this combo will the detective Clu with the ability to spot the location of players nearby

Many players like this combo because it gives them control over the area around them with all the information from Clu and Moco skill. By seeing the location of enemies on the minimap, you will be able to plan the best strategy for each situation and outplay other players.

2. The Try Hard, Die Hard Skills Combo

This skills combo is the combination of everything, damage reduction, high HP, armor penetration, and high mobility. In this combo, we are going to use Steffie, a very underrated character in Free Fire.

For those who don't know, Steffie's skill will create a circle on the ground that reduces 25% explosive damage and 5% bullet damage. Since the last update, Grenade was buffed with the ability to cook before you throw it, making Steffie's skill more relevant.

Free Fire Combo

Steffie's bullet damage reduction is also very helpful when you are fighting a long-range battle. However, not many players realized the potential of this character. In addition, you can get Steffie quite easily through many events in Free Fire.

We also have Hayato for bullet penetration when your HP is low, Luqueta to increase your max HP, and Joseph to increase your mobility in battles. You can replace Joseph with Kelly or Caroline if you like to use a shotgun.

3. The Budget Alok Skills Combo

If you don't have Alok, you can somewhat recreate his skill will A124 and Miguel instead. A124 allows you to regen HP quickly using your EP while Miguel gives you 70 EP for each kill. A124' s skill gives you 10 HP every 0.5 seconds in 2.5 seconds, which is actually a much faster regen rate than Alok or even the new K character.

You can use her skill to regen while you are out of combat or even during combat. The cooldown of her skill is also quite fast you will be able to use it very often. Most importantly, you can get A124 character easily with a soft price for even for free in events.

Free Fire Combo 1

Compared to the new K character, A124 is somewhat weaker because K can regen his EP automatically AND boost up the regen speed of EP so use him instead of A124 if you have him.

Luqueta and Wolfrahh are in this combo to increase your survivability so you can have a chance to use A124's skill to heal yourself.

4. The Awaken Skills Combo

With this combo, we are going to use Kelly, Hayato, and both their 2 Awakened form as well. The biggest advantage of this combo is that it is super cheap. You only get Kelly and Hayato for free and only have to do a bunch of missions to obtain the Awaken forms and make a combo out of only 2 characters.

Free Fire Combo 2
With this combo, we are going to use both the 2 Awakened characters in Free Fire

With this combo, a shotgun is a perfect weapon for you to rush into the enemy and finish them with one shot with Kelly Awaken. You have additional mobility and damage reduction in the front to protect you while rushing toward the enemy with Hayato Awaken and Kelly skills.

It is a decent combo, not too strong or anything, but, once again, it is super cheap and any players can use this combo without spending a dime. Another advantage of this combo is that it looks super cool as well.

5. The Hide And Seek Skills Combo

We are going to make use of Wukong, another underrated character in Free Fire, in this combo. Wukong was the first character in Free Fire with an active skill. But when Alok was released, players tend to use him more and Wukong was no longer used often anymore.

Free Fire Combo 3
There are a lot of different other combos you can combine with Wukong since this is a very versatile character

Still, Wukong's skill is still one of the funniest skill in Free Fire to play with. In this combo, we use Hayato, Jota, Joseph to maximize the close-range fighting capability since you can get close to enemies easily with Wukong.

The biggest disadvantage of Wukong's skill is its cooldown, 200 seconds at the max level. That's why you will need to bring the new Rookie pet with you so you can use Wukong's skill more often.

New Pet Rockie Racoon Free Fire 0 8 Screenshot 286
Rookie allows you to use Wulong skills more often

However, there are a lot of different other combos you can combine with Wukong since this is a very versatile character. You can combine Wukong with Kelly, Caroline, and Joseph if you like to use shotgun. If you like to harass enemies from a distance, you can combine him with Nikita.

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