You should be familiar with the AK if you have played any other modern shooters besides Free Fire - there should be an AK or AK-like weapon in every game. The version of the gun in Free Fire is the original legendary AK-47, one of the most famous weapons in the world due to its ease of manufacture and effectiveness.

Free Fire's version of the AK is much stronger than other games' versions... however, it is just as hard to control. In this article, we would list out the various way for you to control the recoil of the AK-47.

1 - Scope in and out repeatedly while shooting


The AK in Free Fire has a respectable 72 range, perfect for middle to long range snipes. If you are engaging an enemy at long range try to open and close your scope repeatedly in-between your shooting taps. This would stabilize the gun and enable the auto-aim to home into the target.

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2 - Equip as many attachments as possible 


You need a foregrip, stock and muzzle on the AK to get the best performance out of it... especially the foregrip. It would cut down its massive recoil by half.

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3 - Drag down when spraying


You can somewhat control the gun's recoil trajectory by dragging the fire button down so that the crosshair would be fixed after recoil. This method is pretty hard to get used to, however.

4 - Set a proper sensitivity setting 

The sensitivity for the AK is pretty standard, with General and Red Dot at 100. The sensitivity for the two scopes often used with the AK like 2x and 4x need to be toned down to 90 and 50 respectively.

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