Free Fire has been adding multiple unique new objects into the game - from the infobox that lets you see the next safe zone... to the catapult that launches you into the air to glide. A few days ago, Garena has added yet another powerful tool, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (otherwise known as UAV) onto the map.

In this article, we would list out the best ways to use the UAV in Free Fire.

1 - What is the UAV?

The UAV is a randomly spawned map object that hovers over the players' location and exposes it to enemies nearby. While the drone is in the air, it would emit a yellow radial scan effect, similar to the Scan equipment in players' loadouts.

Free Fire UAV
Free Fire UAV

The UAV scan is more powerful than the loadout scan - it would reveal players even if they are crouching or prone within the scan radius instantly. All players in the radius would be able to see each other's position.

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2 - Behavioral patterns of the UAV

Whenever a UAV spawns, a message "UAV has been deployed" would appear above the crosshair of players. The thing makes no sound while flying - it could randomly appear out of nowhere.

Free Fire UAV
Free Fire UAV Event

The UAV would stay still for 30 seconds the first time it appears. Afterward, it would fly away to a random location, scanning the route every 3 seconds and reveal any players in the radius. At the next location, it would stay still for 20 seconds and move again afterward with the same pattern.

The UAV would fly out of reach despawn after 100 seconds.

3 - How to take advantage of the UAV?

Free Fire UAV

While it is pretty tempting to just shoot it down, you should just stay outside of the detection area and follow it to see if any enemies get revealed. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about one of the strongest characters in Free Fire, Luqueta.