Free Fire has been adding more and more weapons to its arsenal... in an attempt to diversify the options in-game. After the recent ParaFAL rifle, the next gun that is going to be added to the game is called M21 Woodpecker.

In this article, we would list everything you need to know about this gun.

1 - About the M21 Woodpecker

The M21 Woodpecker is an American made brand - it is an upgrade from the M14 design, aiming for even more power and piercing ability. This is clearly showcased in the game, with the M21 having 85 damage, much higher than its predecessor M14's 77. The gun also has a whopping 75 armor piercing stat, the highest in the game - this means it would ignore three quarter of the damage reduction from armor.

M21 Woodpecker
M21 Woodpecker

You can try the gun now in Classic Mode. It is supposed to be a sniper or DMR... but Free Fire does not have a DMR category so the gun is categorized as a Rifle.

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2 - In-game Stats of the Woodpecker

  • DAMAGE: 85
  • RATE OF FIRE: 39
  • RANGE: 63
  • MAGAZINE: 12
  • ACCURACY: 69
  • ATTACHMENTS: Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine and Stock
In-game Stats of the Woodpecker
Woodpecker In-game

The most notable detail is that the Woodpecker would come equipped with a scope automatically.

3 - Strategy when using the M21 Woodpecker

Overall, you probably should use this gun like another version of the M14, with much more damage and lower range. While the gun has much less range than other sniper rifles... at only 63 (even shorter than the AK), that distance is actually perfect as most engagements in Free Fire happens in mid-range.

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