Free Fire has been trying to hype up their character releases by taking inspirations from real-life celebrities... and so far it is working. Characters like Alok (based on a famous Brazillian DJ) and Kla (based on a famous Muay Thai master) have been super popular in both their home countries and abroad. This in turn boosted the real person's popularity as well.

Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability

In the Ob23 update, Garena released Free Fire Luqueta Character, who is based on a Brazillian football player... and in this article, we would list out everything you need to know about him.

1 - Free Fire Luqueta Character’s Design

Luqueta is based on the famous Brazillian footballer Lucas Paqueta in appearance - the guy is pretty popular amongst the fans from Brazil. The reason that Brazil was chosen again to be the base for yet another character in Free Fire is because of its huge playerbase - the country has the biggest number of Free Fire players in the world. The name Luqueta was created by fusing "Lucas" and "Paqueta"... before release, the character was rumored to be named Lucas.

Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability
Free Fire Luqueta Character's appearance

Luqueta is actually dressed like a football player in-game, wearing a long sleeves winter version of the football uniform. There are some obvious modifications such as the collar of his shirt - this might be an attempt to make the design look cooler.

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2 - Luqueta's backstory

Luqueta's real backstory is much different compared to his real-life inspiration. The guy is actually pretty young, likely to be the same age as Kelly, Caroline and Maxim. Luqueta was an exchange student from overseas, who has to move over because of his dad's job.

His dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps, learning hard in school, get an MBA and join his business. However, Luqueta disliked how his dad live his life and decided against it - he starts playing soccer for the school and become a sports star. Luqueta and Maxim's sister Misha seem to like each other.

The backstory also heavily stressed on how good he is at football - the guy has an absurd 3 goals per match ratio. He was eventually kidnapped and drop onto the Free Fire island to fight for his life.

3 - Luqueta's skill

Luqueta's special ability is called Hat Trick, which is named after his absurd ability to score a hat trick every match when he was a football player. The ability would increase Luqueta's maximum HP permanently, which is something never seen before in Free Fire.

Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability
Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability is super strong
  • Level 1: Every kill increase the max HP by 8, up to 35
  • Level 2: Every kill increase the max HP by 10, up to 35
  • Level 3: Every kill increase the max HP by 12, up to 35
  • Level 4: Every kill increase the max HP by 14, up to 35
  • Level 5: Summon airdrop playcard
  • Level 6: Every kill increase the max HP by 16, up to 35
  • Level 7: Luqueta's Banner
  • Level 8: Every kill increase the max HP by 18, up to 35

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4 - Tips and Tricks on using Free Fire Luqueta Character

About Hat Trick

As we all know, Free Fire is balanced around every player having 200 HP and when you break that limit, a lot of things would change. Increasing Maximum HP is much stronger than normal healing... especially when it is permanent. Antonio's skill also gives him more than 200 HP... but that extra health would be lost when taken damage. Overall, the skill is overpowered in the late game.

Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability

Luqueta is super strong in 1 vs 1

With a maximum HP pool of 235, Luqueta would have an edge in most 1 vs 1 fight especially when both sides see each other at the same time. Furthermore, his 235 HP pool would make the guy much harder to snipe, as even a sniper rifle's headshot might not be able to instantly kill him anymore.

Luqueta's weakness

The skill provides no bonus whatsoever if you haven't gotten any kills. Enemies who picked other skills would have an advantage over Luqueta at the start of the match... you would need to get the two kills required as soon as possible (at lower skill levels it might require more).

5 - Which skill to combine with Luqueta's ability

Overall, Luqueta's skill is top tier and should be combined with other strong abilities like Alok, Wolfrahh or A124. Kapella might be a good idea as well, as the bonus heal works well with Luqueta's Hat Trick. EP restoring skills can also be a good idea - Miguel and Captain Booyah's skills would work very well on Luqueta.

Free Fire new character Luqueta Ability

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