AWM is one of the most popular weapons in Free Fire for sniper players - it is much more powerful than the Kar98k and the M82B in eliminating people, with a hidden bonus damage stat on headshots. In this article, we would list out the top 5 best skins for the AWM.

4 - Tagger's Revolt


Tagger's Revolt is a pretty colorful skin with a lot of colors mashed together in a wild theme. This skill provides bonus reload speed and extra magazine at the cost of accuracy. If this was another weapon, the minus in accuracy might be a problem... however, the AWM has high enough accuracy that a slight reduction would not affect its effectiveness at all.

3 - Cheetah: Swift


The Cheetar: Swift skin for the AWM turns it into a flashy yellow with dots of black here and there, which is perfect to use with various golden sets in Free Fire. This skin gives ++damage at a pretty small cost of -magazine, enabling the AWM user to deal even more damage.

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2 - Valentine


Another excellent AWM skin with bonuses on Fire rate and Reload speed, at a small cost of magazine. Overall, -magazine demerits are pretty much non-existent and do not affect the performance of the weapon at all. The Valentine AWM also comes in a pretty decent neon color combination of blue, purple and teal.

1 - Duke Swallowtail

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Duke Swallowtail or Butterfly is pretty much the best and most powerful AWM skin in the game. It improves the AWM's greatest weakness of low fire rate at a pretty cheap cost of just a little reload speed. The Ammo bonus is just a cheery on top. The Duke is designed with a red and black theme, a perfect fit for a lot of sets in Free Fire.

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