Aiming is a very important part of Free Fire... and you should always strive to improve your aim and reflexes. In this article, we would list the five most important steps that you need to do to get better in combat.

1 - Know your weapon

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Always try to aim for the head

Firstly, you need to adjust your aim based on whatever weapons you are using. Take note of their various stats - especially range, recoil, firing modes... you might even want to fire a few shots first to test it out.

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2 - How to deal with moving targets

If you are using the gyroscope function, this would be much easier... However, if you can't use Gyroscope, it is best to aim a little bit ahead at the direction your enemy is moving then wait for a little for the auto-aim to home in.

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Be patient

3 - Try to get the initiative

Try to get the drop on your enemies first - if you detect your enemy and shoot first, you would get a big advantage. Additionally, you would have more time to aim if you use a scope to scout around... as you are already scoped in.

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Scout with the scope first

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4 - Customize your settings to aim better

Changing your device’s sensitivity can assist heavily in quite a few situations, as lower sensitivity would be the best setting for close quarter combats while higher sensitivity is best for long-distance. The reason behind this is that you would need a stable cursor for the moving enemies in close range – on longer-range however, you would have to be quick to be able to follow the enemy's movements.

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5 - Try to get headshots at all times

Always aim for the head as it is the most efficient way to eliminate a foe. You might miss a lot more than usual comparing to body shots, but with time, your aim and reflexes would be improved.

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