Playing ranked in Free Fire is super competitive and you pretty much need any kind of advantage you could get... and getting an optimal skill set is vital. In this article, we would list out the top 10 Free Fire best skills for Ranked.

These are the optimal characters that you must buy and level up in order to get anywhere in higher tiers of the game.

10 - Hayato's Bushido

Hayato's Bushido skill is a passive ability that gives you 10% armor penetration for each 10% of your HP loss. At the maximum limit of 90% HP loss or >20 HP, you would get a 90% armor penetration bonus, which can be exchanged into a 50% damage bonus... Overall this skill is best for snipers who can keep their HP low and hit people from afar.

free fire best character skills
Free Fire Best Character Skills: Hayato's Bushido is super powerful

9 - Rafael's Dead Silent

Rafael's Dead Silent ability is a must-have for all snipers and campers - it would remove the weakness of having their position revealed while shooting. At max level, Dead Silent has a relatively small cooldown of 40 and lasts for 8 seconds. Just be careful, as enemies can still spot you based on visual and sound.

free fire best skill slot

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8 - Miguel's Crazy Slayer

Miguel's Crazy Slayer Ability would restore 45 EP after every kill - this is a decent source of healing later on when you are low on HP and is a perfect combo piece with A124's EP conversion skill. It is rather useless at first when you have full EP, however.

free fire best skill slot
Free Fire Best Skill Slot: Miguel's passive is definitely worth getting

7 - Laura's Sharp Shooter

Laura's Sharp Shooter is a passive ability that increases her accuracy by 30% at the max level while scoped in. This is incredibly useful, especially when you are using some powerful but low accuracy gun like the AUG. You would have to acquire a scope to use this skill, of course.

best skills in free fire
Sharpshooter is amongst the best skills in Free Fire

6 - Clu's Tracing Steps

Clu's Tracing Steps is an active ability that reveals any enemies who are not crouch or prone in the 50m radius. It lasts for a whopping 7 seconds, with a cooldown of 50. Overall, this is a vital skill in team battles to locate the general position of enemies nearby to make a counter-strategy. Teammates would also share that skill after level 4. Just don't rely on it too much, as enemies might be crouching and not appear on the radar.

best skills in Free Fire

5 - Wolfrahh's Limelight

After every kill he makes, Wolfrahh would gain a damage boost to body shots and a reduction in headshot damage. The body shot boost is pretty decent in the late game - you need to kill 4 people to reach the max bonus. The headshot damage reduction is slightly worse, as you would need to get at least 5 for the max value... however, it stacks with the helmet's damage reduction and would cut the damage you take when getting headshot by 75%.

free fire best skill combination

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4 - Jai's Raging Reload

Jai's Raging Reload ability would automatically fill up 45% of your ammo count whenever you score a kill. This is extremely useful in team matches when most of the time you would be facing multiple people - more bullets mean longer sprays. This skill only affects pistols, shotguns, SMGs and ARs.

free fire best skill combination
Jai's skill is definitely a part of Free Fire best skill combination

3 - A124's Thrill of Battle

Thrill of Battle is an active ability that converts EP to HP at a fast rate. At max level, you would be able to convert 50 EP to HP every 60 seconds. Overall, this ability is super useful when activated in the middle of combat - it pretty much gives you a 50 HP bonus... and in 1vs1 fights, that is more or less a free kill. Combo this with Miguel's ability to get the EP back after every kill.

free fire best skill combo
Free Fire best skill combo is A124+Miguel

2 - Luqueta's Hat Trick

Luqueta's passive ability Hat Trick would give you bonus MAX HP after every kill. This is much more significant than a mere heal, as the bonus would stay active for the rest of the match and can be healed back up. At max level, it only takes 2 kills for you to reach the 35 HP bonus limit. Having 235 HP would give you a pretty big bonus in solo fights... and when combined with A124's skill and Alok's, you would pretty much be playing with a 300 HP pool.

free fire best skills
Luqueta has one of free fire best skills

1 - Alok's Drop the Beat

Everyone probably expected this. Alok's ability is pretty broken - it lasts for 10 seconds, heals a whopping 50 HP in total, provides 15% movement speed... and is a 5m AOE skill! Drop the beat would still be the best skill in the game if it only affects Alok. Furthermore, the cooldown of that ability is relatively low, at 45 seconds.

free fire best skills

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