Emote is a pretty creative system in Free Fire that lets you flaunt your character in different poses, show up to other players and communicate with them... However, not all emotes are created equal - some are better than others.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best emotes in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Shake it up

You can get this emote for free in a Top-up event a few months ago after topping up 500 diamonds. The best part about Shake it up is that it lasts for quite a while, with your character performing a pretty weird dance.


4 - Eat my dust

Emotes that summon more objects are the best - when equipping Eat my Dust, your character would summon a golden car and sit on top of it while shaking. Nobody expects an emote to summon a whole vehicle.


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3 - Tea Time

Another fairly popular emote - Tea Time would summon a table made of light for your character to sit down and drink tea from a cup. While the table summoned is nowhere as cool as the car in the previous emotes "Eat my dust"... but Tea Time is actually a lot more popular due to the action itself looks pretty interesting.


2 - Bring it on

The reason that people love this particular emote so much is that it is a "taunting" emote. And in online games, players usually would like to taunt other players before matches. The length of "Bring it on" is pretty decent too.


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1 - FFWC Throne

This is probably the top emote without any equal in Free Fire - the FFWC Throne emote would summon a golden throne in which players could sit on in a challenging pose. The throne looks pretty futuristic, with golden guns decorations on both sides.


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