Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are the two most popular battle royale currently, in both the Indian Market and the world. Both games offer players a massive arsenal that they can utilize on the battlefield... but have you ever wondered which game has the larger weapon roster?

In this article, we would analyze all the weapons in both games to see which one has the biggest arsenal. Only guns and melee weapons, however, throwables like grenades won't be counted on this list.

1 - PUBG Mobile Weapon roster

Melee Pistol Shotgun Light Machine Gun Submachine Gun Dmr Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle

There are 42 weapons total in PUBG Mobile, with 10 Assault Rifles, 4 Sniper Rifles, 6 DMRs (Auto Sniper Rifle), 5 SMGs, 2 LMGs, 3 Shotguns, 8 Pistols and 4 Melee Weapons.

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2 - Free Fire Weapon Roster

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Free Fire has 44 weapons,  divided into pretty much the same categories... except that Free Fire doesn't have the DMR class - all weapons of that class are merged into either the AR or SMG class. Furthermore, Free Fire also has a special class of weapons called the Grenade Launcher, which PUBG Mobile doesn't have.

3 - PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire... which is better?

Overall, PUBG Mobile is more focused on realism while Free Fire is more... fantastical, with a lot of futuristic weapons like the "Treatment Gun", a pistol that heals your teammates, or the "Plasma Gun", a gun that does not consume any bullets.

Gun 1

Free Fire's special Grenade Launchers open up a new strategical approach to the fight - you would be able to shoot explosive grenades at a much higher velocity and range... which is a decent option in team matches - PUBG Mobile does not have this option. Overall, weapon choices in Free Fire are slightly better than PUBG Mobile.

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