Having a good K/D score in Free Fire is pretty important. At ranks like Diamond or higher, players would often judge each other based on their K/D and relevant stats. It is usually pretty hard to boost your kill score after a certain tier - with enemies getting too smart and effective to be killed en masse. To enter solo vs squad, just turn off auto-match before finding matches.

how to play solo vs squad in free fire 2020

This is where playing solo vs squad come in - by playing against a team, you would get many more people to kill to boost your K/D, as players on the map would not kill each other as fast as normal mode. Furthermore, they can even revive downed players for later fights. Check out the guide below to find out how to play solo vs squad in Free Fire 2020.

1 - Early Aggression is the key

When playing as a team, people would land in pretty much the same place. With the loot distribution in Free Fire, it would take a while for each and every one of them to gear up with weapons and armor.

how to play solo vs squad in free fire in hindi

You can take advantage of this and try to land first, grab a gun and be aggressive immediately. If you are lucky, you would be able to score at least 1-2 kills after the encounter. You can also land a little bit further from their landing zone if you can't get to the spot before the enemy team. Try to loot as fast as possible to save time.

2 - What to do in the mid-game?

After grabbing a few kills early on, it is time to hide. At this phase, the squads have all geared up and ready for the fights. It is best that you try to find some hiding place in the safe zone and camp there as walking around is not really recommended.

how to play solo vs squad match in free fire
How to play Solo vs Squad match in Free Fire: hitting people with your vehicle is not a bad idea

You can also get a vehicle and drive it around. A lot of teams would move around on vehicles... but if you managed to catch them off guard while they are not in one - hitting multiple people with a car is not that hard.

Bridges could be a good place to camp as well - people clumped up on bridges are easy targets. You can make a bridge camp by parking a car in the middle so that they would not be able to drive past and have to get down to walk.

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3 - How to survive in the final zones?

The final zones vary wildly depends on how well you did in the previous phases and your luck - but overall, it is pretty hard to get a Booyah in Solo vs Squad, as you would have to face multiple people most of the time.

how to play solo vs squad in free fire in tamil

The strategy is still trying to hit and run, downing one person and run away to wait for another chance.

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4 - Tips and Tricks when fighting against Squads

  • Don't be greedy. Spend some extra time to finish off a downed player could give their friend a chance to finish you. If you don't know the other's location, back off.
  • The downed player could serve as a bait. You can just wait around for their friends to come to revive them and take them out together. A grenade would work very well here if there are covers nearby.
How To Play Solo Vs Squad In Free Fire 2020
How To Play Solo Vs Squad In Free Fire 2020: sniper rifles are your best friends
  • Sniping people from afar can work pretty well here as their numerical advantage would pretty much be nullified. Try to do this as soon as you get your hand on a sniper rifle.
  • Scout around is crucial - if you are close, you might need to check the general location of the team before a fight. Getting backstabbed while fighting is not fun at all. If they haven't detected you yet, using the scope to scout around is a good idea.
  • Make use of the headphone and try to listen to their footsteps and gunfire while moving around. You would be able to get a relatively close guess of enemies' location this way.
  • Try to hit a team when they are fighting another team - it is a high risk, high reward situation. You might be able to score kills easier this way, as enemies would have to deal with other people and cannot focus solely on you... however, you can definitely be shot at by both teams, and that would usually lead to death.

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