As a sniper in Free Fire, you don't have to actually use a Sniper Gun to take out enemies from long ranges - an AR would do it just fine. In this article, we would list out the top 10 Best Sniper Guns in Free Fire.

Sniper Guns In Free Fire

10 - FAMAS

FAMAS is amongst the easiest weapons to snipe enemies from afar... however, you would need to be very accurate, as the low damage 3 bullet burst would barely be able to kill a player if you don't get headshots. Overall, the FAMAS is a perfect "practice gun" for people who want to work on their sniping skills with ARs.

best sniper guns in free fire

9 - AK

AK is one of the most used weapons at higher ranks because of its lethal headshots. With 62 damage per bullet and 73 range, tapping with the AK is massively dangerous in both prolonged combats and surprise attacks. The AK in Free Fire is actually much stronger than its version in other games, with the massive range.

best sniper guns in free fire
The AK is top tier amongst best sniper guns in Free Fire


The best weapon in the game - long effective range, high damage, great stability. Why is it at number 8 only? Well... while the Groza is the best overall weapon, in this list we only consider the ability to engage at high range/extremely high range, and the Groza is not much better than its peer in that category.

sniper gun free fire photo
Rare skin sniper gun free fire photo: Groza Great Plunder

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7 - M4A1

The M4A1 has the highest range amongst automatic Rifles along with excellent accuracy... in exchange for slightly lower damage. The reason that the M4 is rated so high is that in the late game, an M4 with all the attachments on is a beast in the last circles.

all sniper guns in free fire
The Pink Magic M4A1 is one of the cooler sniper gun name in free fire

6 - M14

The M14 is a semi-auto sniper rifle with super high range and damage... however, the best part about the gun is a special attachment. If you managed to find the M14 Rage core, the gun would be turned into an automatic rifle - its firing speed weakness would be completely removed.

all sniper guns in free fire

5 – SVD / Dragunov

The SVD is one of the deadliest weapons in the game - the difference between this gun and the M14 is the extra Armor Penetration ability. In the later phases of the game when everybody has armor on, you would still be able to deal damage effectively. The gun also has a decent fire rate as well - you can down a player equipped with level 2 vest in two or three shots. The only weakness of the Dragunov is its rarity - you can only find it in airdrops.

all sniper guns in free fire

4 – SKS

The SKS is pretty much the same as the SVD but is much easier to find, and that's why it is higher than the SVD on this list. While SKS has slightly lower penetration and damage than the SVD, it has lower recoil and therefore easier to control. Both guns can achieve the same feat of defeating an enemy wearing a level 2 vest in 3 shots. The SKS's spread is also lower as well.

best sniper guns in free fire

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3 – Kar98k

The Kar98k is definitely just as strong as the AWM in Free Fire - you can definitely go against an AWM player with it no problem. However, outside of body shots, the Kar98k actually deals less damage than the AWM on headshots due to its lower crit multiplier. The AWM also has a slightly longer range as well.

all sniper guns in free fire
KAR98K + Biometric scope is a great combo amongst all sniper guns in free fire

2 – M82B

The M82B is the newest Sniper Rifle in Free Fire and the first one with armor penetration. Overall, it is a very versatile weapon, with the same base damage as other sniper rifles, plus armor-piercing and extra damage to gloo walls and vehicles. Using this gun, you can easily snipe enemies behind Gloo covers, an important ability in the mid to late game. The armor-piercing part would ensure the M82B remains strong at the end of the game.

sniper gun name in free fire
Sniper Gun Name In Free Fire: The M82B is a unique addition to the game

1 – AWM

While Free Fire's version of the AWM is not too strong, it is still the best gun in the class with extreme range, high accuracy and damage. If you managed to get a few more attachments like a muzzle, it can hit targets from an extremely long range. The gun also has a hidden bonus headshot damage as well - if you managed to pull out a headshot, the enemies would definitely be killed immediately.

sniper gun free fire photo
The AWM is still the best sniper rifle

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