In Free Fire's 3 maps, there are quite a few items that can be discovered and interacted with by pressing the "Use" button. All these objects are unique and have different effects - some of them might not spawn in Free Fire's classic mode.

1 - Mushroom

There are 4 levels of mushrooms scattered all over the map - they would restore EP when eaten. In turn, EP would slowly be consumed to restore HP. Players need to stand still to consume mushrooms.

Image23 1024x819

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 mushrooms would heal 50, 75, 100 and 200 EP respectively.

2 - Infobox

Image21 1024x666

This item would display the next location of the safe zone and airdrop. A green circle would appear on the map upon usage, which indicates where the area would shrink next. Players need to stand still while using this item.

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3 - Repair Kit

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This kit would restore the durability and upgrade the armor you are wearing to the next level.

4 - Player Launcher

Image26 1024x819

This map object would launch the user onto the air, letting them use their custom surfboard again. The direction of the launch can be adjusted, but you cannot launch downward or backward. The higher the aimed angle, the farther the launch.

5 - Zip Line

Image24 1024x819

A utility item that enables players to travel faster from one point to another. Once activated, the player would follow the line until the next travel point is reached. Fun fact: Ziplines can be used back and forth at any time even if another player is traveling in the opposite direction.

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6 - Explosive barrel

Image27 768x615

These red barrels would create a fiery explosion when receiving enough shots, dealing heavy damage to every player standing within the area. The barrel would leak oil before exploding.

7 - Smoke Barrel

Image28 1024x819

These blue smoke barrels would create a cloud of obscuring smoke when interacted with or shot at.

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