Free Fire has just revealed yet another new exciting event in which you can get free outfits and items - Shoot the Wukong. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this event and how you can get the free items. This event would last for only one week, from Sept 28 to Oct 4 - better be fast otherwise you would miss out!

The prize list of this event can be refreshed

Details about this event

There would be 8 items on the event page, each with their own price in diamonds. To activate the event, select any item amongst them and you would be directed into a page with 2 bushes. If you manage to shoot the correct bush that was a Wukong in disguise, you would get the item for Free. The most expensive set in the event cost 900 diamonds - you can get that much for Free!

Shoot The Wukong 1024x576
Shoot either of the bushes

Sound good, right? But there is a twist - if you failed to do that and shoot the normal bushes, the item's original price would be deducted from your account (you would still get the item, of course). To select an item with a diamond cost, you would need to have that much diamond in your account.

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Should you participate in this event?

This is pretty much a super gambling event -  with a 50/50 win-lose. If you managed to win, you would win big... but if you lose, well... it would be a catastrophic failure.

Free Fire Characters En 18
Wukong has the ability to turn into a bush in-game

Overall, only pick an item to play if you have a lot of diamonds or are willing to pay full price for that item. The list of items depicted above is not the full droplist for this event, of course - you can refresh the list for free the first time and for 10 diamonds per refresh the 2nd time onward.

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