Attachments are a pretty important part of Free Fire - they improved the stats of equipped weapons, giving players the ability to customize their setup as needed. Every battle royale games have this kind of system... however, Free Fire's attachments go a bit further, with special weapon attachments that can only be equipped on certain guns.

These items, while not required, are super useful in combat and the guns equipped with them would pretty much become a new weapon. In this article, we would list out all the unique attachments in Free Fire

1 - MP5 Electrical Booster

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The MP5 is already one of the fastest "spammer guns" in Free Fire, being in the SMG class. With the MP5 Electrical Booster equipped, it would spew out bullets even faster, which in turn increases the damage potential of the gun even more.

2 - M60 Spiral Charger

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The M60 is super strong but has low accuracy... that's the reason why people often just drop it and get something else. With this attachment equipped, the M60's accuracy would be improved and its damage per shot would also get boosted.

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3 - VSS Ripper Bullet

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The VSS lacks damage - it is a somewhat "midway weapon" with average stats all around. The Ripper bullet would remove that weakness, as enemies hit by an improved VSS would get a bleeding effect that reduces their HP over time.

4 - M14 Rage Core

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This is one of the best attachments in the game - the Rage Core completely changes how the M14 works. Normally, the gun is a semi-auto sniper rifle, with high damage and range balanced by slow firing speed. However, with the Rage Core attached, the M14 turns into an automatic rifle... a weapon completely without any weakness. Overall, the M14 + Rage core is definitely better than the Groza.

5 - Kar98k Biometric Scope

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A special scope for the Kar98k that improves its accuracy stat - quick hit with this scope is super accurate... to the point that Garena has to nerf it in the recent OB24 update.

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6 - Plasma Thermal Boost

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The PLASMA gun is one of the most unique weapons in Free Fire - it consumes energy instead of ammo when shoots. The thermal boost would increase the PLASMA gun's fire rate in exchange for a longer cooldown time.

7 - AWM Armor Piercer

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The AWM is supposed to be the most powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire... however, it is helpless against armored targets, unlike the new M82b. This attachment AWM Armor Piercer would fix that problem. When equipped with the Armor Piercer, shots from the AWM would deal more damage to enemies armors and vests

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