Attachment is one of the more important parts of Free Fire's Battle Royale gameplay, improving the weapons equipped greatly in various stats. Similar to other games in the same genre, the choices for attachments in Free Fire is pretty diverse - in this article, we would list out all the common attachments that you could get in the game.

What are weapon attachments?

They are removable parts that would strengthen various weapons' capability when equipped. Attachments come in different levels and boost - you can get them from drops or automatically equipped to the weapon from the start.

Auto pickup options in Free Fire

There is an "automatic pickup" option in settings so that you can gather attachments as fast as possible.

List of Common Attachments in Garena Free Fire


Free Fire's version of the Muzzle is pretty weird - they increase the weapon's effective range when equipped. A real-life muzzle's purpose is to reduce recoil. There are 3 levels for the muzzle in Free Fire, which would increase the equipped weapon's range by a small, medium, or large amount. The exact number for the range increased is not available, however.

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Silencer vs Muzzle in Free Fire


Once equipped, the silencer would muffle the sound of the weapon and it would no longer alert nearby enemies on the minimap. The silencer has only one level.

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The magazine would increase the ammo capacity that a weapon could carry and increase its reload speed. There are 3 levels of magazines that you could get.

  • Level 1: A small increase in ammo capacity and x0.5 faster reload speed
  • Level 2: A medium increase in ammo capacity and x1 faster reload speed
  • Level 3: A medium increase in ammo capacity and x1.5 faster reload speed
Image5 1024x819
Level 1 to 3 magazine

Double Magazine

The final level of magazine attachment. It gives equipped weapons a medium increase in ammo capacity and x2 faster reload speed.


Provide a reduction in recoil for all equipable weapons.  There are 3 levels of foregrip which provide a low to high recoil reduction.

Maxresdefault 2
Bipod vs Foregrip

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A standalone attachment that reduces weapon recoil when crouching or pruning - it cannot be upgraded. This works as intended - in real life bipod only reduces recoil when placed on the ground.


There are 2 variants of scope in Free Fire, the normal one and the thermal (night vision) version. The normal ones are x2, x4 and x8 (come equipped as the default on sniper rifles). The thermal scope displays enemies as thermal images when zoomed in.

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Thermal Scope vs 4x Scope


The stock is a stabilizer that reduces recoil and improves movement speed when holding the equipped weapon. There are 3 levels of stock.

  • Level 1: A slightly stable weapon aim and movement speed increase when firing a weapon
  • Level 2: A considerate stable weapon aim and movement speed increase when firing a weapon
  • Level 3: A highly stable weapon aim and movement speed increase when firing a weapon.

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