The long-awaited update of Free Fire, the OB24 patch, has finally been released yesterday... bringing with it a lot of new features, new contents and balance changes... along with Clash Squad Ranked's seasonal reset.

If you want to climb the ranks faster and get the Golden Famas, it is best to play it immediately - the season 3 of Clash Squad has already started at 2:30 PM today.

What are the seasonal rewards?

Similar to the previous season 1 and 2, climbing ranks in Clash Squad Season 3 would also give a lot of rewards such as character fragments, play cards, vouchers... along with other smaller items to players.

Clash Squad Season 3 has begun

About the Seasonal reward... well, we actually get a usable skin this time instead of the Golden Desert Eagle of season 1 and Golden G18 of season 2. Players who reached Gold III in Clash Squad Season 3 would receive the GOLDEN FAMAS, the exclusive reward of this mode.

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Rank Reset for Clash Squad Season 3

Kelly revealing the Golden FAMAS

As usual, the ranks of all players would be reset at the beginning of the Clash Squad season. Below are the general mechanics of the reset.

  • Heroic > Gold II
  • Diamond (I - IV) > Gold I
  • Platinum (I - IV) > Silver II
  • Gold (I - IV) > Silver I
  • Silver (I - III) > Bronze II
  • Bronze (I - III) > Bronze I

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Clash Squad Store Changes

Sounds are now added when buying mushrooms and Horizaline - you can now count the number of times you purchase the item based on sound, avoiding pressing one too many times.

Horizaline Free Fire
Horizaline in Clash Squad Shop

Players who connect back and win the match they have previously abandoned would no longer lose stars.

After hitting Platinum Rank, players would receive fewer protection points on their rank shield.

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